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เพื่อน 2
เพื่อน 2

Year: 1991

Thai title: เพื่อน 2
English title: Just a friend II

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai movie เพื่อน 2 (Just a friend II) was released in year 1991 and lasts 1h27mn. The movie was released under VHS format many years ago. One version is censored but the hot scenes being pixelated. One version is uncensored. A small farming company is gathering their staff near the beach. Staff are having fun and drink. A young man called Bee (เจ้านาย) has a car accident and is paralyzed. He has to sit in a wheelchair. Da, his wife, is then very busy being responsible of everything in the farm. Phet, a young lady worker in the farm, and her boyfriend Samat wonder how she can tolerate. Bee is unable to perform his duty as husband so causing Da to be frustrated. Paen is the veterinarian's daughter. She is lazy. An injured young man, called Chat, arrives at nighttime. Paen takes care of him and finally they become lovers. As Da is very busy and tired, the veterinarian proposes that Chat (หลานชาย) helps Da as car driver. Bee accepts (ทำเลย). Paen is upset as Bee asks Chat to stay in their home so that Da can have a driver available anytime. Paen comes at nighttime to spy Chat but he reassures her through sweet words (ปากดี). Paen is afraid that Da would take Chat from her! Paen’s father and Chat prepare a special concoction for Bee to recover. It works and every day Bee regains strength. Meanwhile Da and Chat become closer also. One evening, they got a flat tire so they have to sleep outside and finally become lovers. Upset, Paen asks for urgent wedding to Chat. Bee is happy about his recovery but doesn’t know how to thank Chat (ตอบแทนอย่างไรดี). Hopefully Da thanks Chat… Being chased again by ruffians, Chat has to leave the farm.

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