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Year: 1990

Thai title: ลำยอง
English title: Lam Yong

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Laddawan Petchmanee

Thai movie ลำยอง was released in the year 1990. It was released by Lepso Company under VCD format and lasts 1h17mn. The name was changed to สาวร้อน อ้อนรัก but it is in fact Thai erotic movie ลำยอง sold under another name. Most of the erotic parts of the movie have been removed in the VCD released by Lepso. Another version was released by Extra Twin Classic Company under VCD format and lasts 1h12mn. It is a shorter version but erotic sequences are not cut. This movie is about a young honest provincial girl, called Lam Yong, coming to Bangkok and being abused by bad people. Sia has a young lady singer (นักร้องมาจากต่างจังหวัด) brought to him. While the singer, called Lam Yong (ลัดดาวัลย์ เพชรมณี - Ladawan Petchmanee), is changing clothes in her room, Sia enters and rapes her. Fleeing from his home, the young lady is aggressed at nighttime by a violent thug. Hopefully a young man called Somchai is passing by and helps her. He gives her shelter in his home. Somchai is looking for a job. Somchai finally finds a job as secretary (เลขา) for a rich female boss (นายผู้หญิง). Lam Yong takes good care of the home while Somchai is working. Somchai and Lam Yong becomes lovers. Lam Yong is worried that the boss is a beautiful rich woman (คิดมาก). One night Somchai comes back at 2 AM. The lady boss brings Somchai to Pattaya where he forgets Lam Yong. Meanwhile Lam Yong is looking for a job and is hired in a pub to welcome guests. The boss notices her and invites her to sing on the stage (เคยประกวดที่งานวัด). Lam Yong refuses to be sent back home by the boss. Meanwhile Somchai has become lover with his lady boss. On the following day, Lam Yong faints as she is pregnant and not resting enough. The boss brings her home as the same time as Somchai is going home so Somchai believes that Lam Yong has a hidden lover. He keeps drinking causing the lady boss to be fed up. Meanwhile she meets her Bangkokian lover. Somchai ends up in the club where Lam Yong is singing. Causing a mess as his wife is a singer, the pub’s owner explains to him the truth and he finally gets on well with Lam Yong again. He is ready to take care of his new family.

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