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Year: 1997

Thai title: น้องพร
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai movie น้องพร was released in year 1997. It lasts 1h10mn as it is a censored version or reduced version for wider release. There is a mix of Thai actors / actresses and western actors / actresses such as แม็ค กาโต,แก้ว เกล็ดเพชร,นิคกี้ แม็คโดเนลล์. Kookie is working in a Pattaya gogo bar as a dancer. Kookie is followed outside by two customers and aggressed by them. Hopefully Amon, a young man, is helping her. They become finally lovers. Kookie is fed up of problems at home (เบื่อบ้าน). Her mother's new husband (ผัวใหม่) tried to abuse her so she left home. The mother chases Kookie from her home (ลูกไม่รักดี). She misses her dead father. She blames her mother for having replaced her father so fast. She meets her friend Gina, chased from her home also. A local ruffian called Sia is interested by Kookie so Amon connects them in order to make easy money once. Gina disapproves (เป็นห่วงเพื่อน). Kookie accepts to go with sadist Sia as she loves and trusts Amon. Gina is fed up to be a gogo girl. Her boyfriend accepts to change his behavior to please Gina. Amon leaves Kookie as he feels ashamed to have convinced Kookie to go with Sia. Walking without aim, Kookie is hurt by a car. Kookie learns from Gina that Amon died already from decease (โรคร้าย). Kookie writes a goodbye letter to Gina and to her mum (ลาแม่) as she cannot live without Amon (มีกรรม). She walks into the sea...

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