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ฉากสุดท้าย ของ ทัดทรวง
ฉากสุดท้าย ของ ทัดทรวง

Year: 1995

Thai title: ฉากสุดท้าย ของ ทัดทรวง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Apichat Halamjiak
Main actress:

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Thai movie ฉากสุดท้าย ของ ทัดทรวง was released in year 1995 and lasts 1h36mn. Actors and actresses are ทัดทรวง มณีจันทร์, ศิวกร ชุ่มชื่น, ประกายกานต์ กอบเกื้อกูล, โรเบิรต์ ฟองออเดรซ, น้อย โพธิ์งาม, เทพยุดา ศรียาภัย. That Sruang (ทัดทรวง มณีจันทร์) comes from Nakhon Ratchasima. She is a sales lady. She quit her job in Bangkok as her former boss had a bad mentality. She has difficulties to find a new job. She is finally hired as secretary in a company whose boss knows one of her friend. The boss, called Rath, seems to like her a lot. That refuses his advances. He claims his innocence and covers her with gifts. Finally romance starts as That believes that her boss is sincere. A few hot scenes are subtitled by a warning that audience shall be advisable when watching them (วิจารณญาณในการชม). It is very first time for this countryside girl to meet high level society people from Bangkok. During a diner, everybody presents his wife or girlfriend but Rath, being drunk, presents That as being a sales lady only. She is upset and leaves. As Rath (เจ้านาย) only follows his impulsions, she leaves to go back to Isan. Back to Bangkok, he finally accepts to marry That (ลงทะเบียน). That opens a small shop. As That has difficulty to have her niece entering international school, she asks Rath a sum of 150 000 baht for the school debenture. Meanwhile young lady Sa is back from overseas and has already a lover. Sa shall marry with Rath. Both Rath and Sa are from high society and both have lovers from low society. Sa is upset as she finds a picture of That in Rath's bedroom. Rath doesn't come back so often to That's home as he is butterflying (ชีวิตของผมเป็นของผม). Sa discovers That as minor wife (เมียเก็บ) and announces to her that she is his fiance already but Rath and That are already officially married! This is causing Rath's father ire (Apichat Halamjiak) as he asks his son to divorce from That in order not to jeopardise his business with Sa's father. Her niece has issues at school with schoolmates as she is called country bumpkin (คนบ้านนอก). That is pregnant but Rath wishes she aborts. She moves to another place. As Rath's father cuts his money and job, Rath has to ask That for divorce. She accepts without any compensation. Rath marries Sa. That becomes a singer and sexy model. Sa is pregnant but the father is not Rath. Seeing a sexy magazine with pictures of That, he realises how stupid he was to believe high society girls will behave properly. He tries to get back with That but she doesn't need anybody now as she is able to raise her niece thanks to sexy pictures sales. One evening, during heavy rain, That and her niece are aggressed and beaten. The thugs were hired by Sa. That refuses any help from Rath. Rath’s father is aware of the situation but they have to stay together (ต้องดูดี) and show good face to the Thai society. Rath goes to see That a last time to apologise about his behavior. She accepts his excuses. But they cannot go back together.

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