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Year: 1992

Thai title: ชไมพร
English title: Chamaiporn

Rating: 3/5
Director: Jimmy Chung

Main actor:
Main actress: Ami Sinkoyha

Thai erotic movie ชไมพร was released in the year 1992 and lasts 1h32mn. An uncensored version was released under VHS format. Nat, as photographer, is shooting three models. Job is over but Nat stays behind as he is writing a book. While wandering on the beach, Nat finds a painting featuring a beautiful lady. He keeps it in his room. Later on, uncle Chao sees a woman on the house balcony. It is the lady on the painting! Her name is Amita (นางฟ้าที่รัก). As Nat is drunk every night, somebody prepares breakfast in the morning. Nat believes it is Nang Ui, uncle Chao's daughter. Nat meets Amita in his dreams. In the morning she is no longer there as she goes back in the painting. Nat refuses to eat and only drinks alcohol as the angel Amita doesn't exit from the painting. Finally she exits from the painting and calls him Ai Soon. Nat and Amita become lovers. Meanwhile Nang Ui is also having a lover called Phit. Ai soon was Nat's name in a previous life. Nat and Amita can stay together for only three days. As she exited from the painting, she can live three days only. Nang Ui spies them and sees Amita giving a treasure to Nat. Pht, Ui’s boyfriend, needs money for his business. He wishes to open a resort for tourists. They kidnap Amita but Amita refuses to give them the treasure as it belongs to Ai Soon. Uncle Chao is aware as he hears them speaking. The uncle finally helps Amita. Phit asks to exchange the treasure versus the painting. Disappointed to be only a toy for Phit, Ui stabs him but he destroys the painting before. Amita disappears in the sea. If there is another life, then Nat and Amita shall meet again.

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