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สาว สาว สาว
สาว สาว สาว

Year: 1992

Thai title: สาว สาว สาว
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: โรเบอร์โต วอง

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai movie สาว สาว สาว was released in year 1992. Multiple versions were released such as VCD, censored VHS (1h11mn) from ST Video, partially censored VHS (1h01mn). The original uncensored version was never released and lasts 1h24mn. It includes porn sequences removed from the VCD or VHS versions. It was also renamed as ค่ายสวาท. Movie director is โรเบอร์โต วอง. It is an erotic comedy. Thai actresses and actors featured in this movie are ชโลธร ธรรมชาติ, ศศินภา ชลลดา, อมรรัตน์ นันทการณ์. Six ladies are entering a seminar near the sea (ค่ายสวาท). Their teacher is a lady. The goal of the seminar is to enhance their beauty and femininity. An uncle (ลุง), often present in Thai comedy movies, is being the guardian (ยาม). He is dreaming of being with one of the young ladies (สู้ลูก). Some men notice the young ladies. As they are not authorized to enter in the seminar, they disguise themselves as ladies to join the training (สมาชีกใหม่). They name themselves as Dok Soi and Pim Pa. Some seminar participants are concerned if there are ladies or katoey (กะเทาะ) among the girls. Dok Soi helps one of the ladies, Boon Ta, about to drown (จอม). After having a relationship, Dok Soi promises to marry Boon Ta. Some ladies suspect they are men. Pim Pa and Manee are also having a relationship. The teacher inspects at nighttime and finds that Pim Pa and Dok Soi are men. They are expelled but wish to talk a last time to their girls. Seminar is over. Boon Ta and Manee quit the ladies group to stay with their boyfriends.

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