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Year: 1992

Thai title: บุหงา
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Sarocha Sarakon

Thai movie บุหงา was released in year 1992 and lasts 1h43 mn. The movie was released under VHS and VCD format. This movie recalls another Thai movie called พลอยทะเล (1987) as scenario is very close. Movie director is อรชร. Thai actors and actresses performing in this movie are บุหงา บาหลี, Sarocha Sarakon, ธนิต ธนิตพงษ์, มารุท สุนทร. Young man Proi is a fisherman and finds pearls in the sea by swimming deeply. Young lady Krathin (Sarocha Sarakon) asks for them despite Proi wishes to sell them. It makes the mother to be upset. Proi believes Krathin is somebody with good heart. Another man Fa loves Kratin but she loves Proi. Fa is richer than Proi but Krathin doesn't care. Fa tries to offer expensive gifts to Krathin. Another woman Deuan is watching them. Deuan loves Proi since childhood. Deuan, looking for Proi, is about to drown but it is a tactic to get interest from Proi. The mum is pushing her son Proi to marry Deuan (เด็กดีๆ). Fa is still trying to seduce Kratin. Kratin wishes to go to the city (ในเมือง). He is going to check เครื่องหอ with Kratin in preparation of their wedding. While Proi is in the city, Kratin is having happiness with Fa. It makes Deuan upset to see Kratin being inconsistent (ไม่จริงใจ). The mother shows to Kratin the pearl that Proi kept for their wedding. Kratin announces to the mother that Proi fell in the sea during a storm. Finally, Kratin accepts to live with Fa as he convinces her that Proi is dead. Luckily Deuan finds Proi's body stranded on a beach. She takes care of him during his recovery. Proi's mother is sick. Proi needs money but the pearl is now with Kratin. Following a dispute, Kratin wishes to leave Fa. Seeing the pearl, Fa keeps it and promises to marry Kratin. Proi asks for the pearl to Kratin but she claims not to have it. Kratin learns that Fa keeps it in a safe. She tells Deuan, who steals it while they are away. Kratin is chased by Fa. The mother recovers without needing expensive expensive. Proi throws the pearl back in the sea. Proi refuses to take back Kratin, who has lost everything. Erotic sequences between Proi and Krathin, Proi and Deuan, Fa and Krathin are featured.

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