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Year: 1992

Thai title: ภัสสร+4
English title: Passorn Plus Four

Rating: 2/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Ning Sanyo

Thai movie ภัสสร+4 / Passorn Plus Four was released in year 1992 and lasts 1h26mn. Mae (นักเขียน) is working on a book. Ann, his girlfriend, is a photographer (ตากล้อง). Pat sees her boyfriend Kwan at nighttime. Uncle Jon, Pat's father, doesn't appreciate Kwan (พวกเวร). Khun Anan visits Uncle Jon living in the countryside. Mae and Ann are joining Anan as they are looking for tranquility to write a book. As visitors are coming from Bangkok, Kwan cannot see Pat. On the following day, Anan and Ann meet Kwan as Mae starts writing the book. Seeing Pat learning guitar with Mae, Kwan is upset and ends up drinking alcohol with Ann at the waterfall. Kwan and Ann become lovers. Worried that Ann didn't go home last night, Anan, Jon and Mae look for her. Pat discovers Ann and Kwan sleeping together. Kwan doesn't know who to choose, Ann, the Bangkok girl, or Pat, the country girl. Disappointed by Kwan, Pat accepts to follow her father's advice to go studying in Bangkok. Mae promises to take care of her. Meanwhile Ann stays behind being in full love with Kwan. In Bangkok, Mae fulfills his promise to take good care of Pat as they become lovers. ภัสสร+4 is one of the numerous Thai erotic movies that were released at the beginning at the 1990s in second class movie theaters (โรงหนังชั้น 2). Actors are หนิง ชันโย, นัฐฐา นาถยา, เบ็ญญา บดินทร, ปรัชญา ดิลก, อรุณ โอภาส. Movie director is โรมิโอ แม็กซ์.

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