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Year: 1992

Thai title: น้ำหวาน
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Sarocha Sarakon

Thai movie น้ำหวาน was released in year 1992 and lasts 1h32mn. Main actress is Sarocha Sarakon. It was released under VHS format. Young lady Wan is out of job. She wishes to become a star. Her friend pushes to find a job. She meets a young man, called Korakot, on the street while wandering around. He is coming from overseas. Feeling lonely, he invites her for dinner and finally hires her to have some company during 7 days at a rate of 2000 Baht a day. She got a job! They become lovers. Korakot gives her money to buy beautiful clothes. Pasuda is Korakot’s sister. Nam Wan is presented to her as girlfriend (คู่รัก). In fact Korakot hires Nam Wan in order that Pasuda stops chasing him! On the following day, she has to buy clothes again to play the beautiful girlfriend. Korakot is fed up with Thailand and thinks about going back overseas. In front of his friend, he doesn’t have high opinion of Nam Wan, i.e. just a girl he finds on the street (อีตัว). Nam Wan is upset and wishes to leave on the spot. Korakot apologizes to Nam Wan. He was also upset to see Nam Wan buying clothes with a male friend. Nam Wan lost her parents when she was still young. After the death of her uncle, she went to Bangkok to find a job. Nights with Korakot are torrid. Pasuda visits Nam Wan. She tries to give a lot of money to Nam Wan in order that she goes out of Korakot’s life. Nam Wan refuses. Korakot’s friend wishes to book Nam Wan after Korakot’s departure. She refuses. It is the last day of Korakot before his departure for overseas. Korakot wishes Nam Wan to become his minor wife but she is not interested. Nam Wan leaves on the last day but both of them are sad (อกหัก). Finally Korakot decides to stay in Thailand, to marry Nam Wan and asks for her hand.

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