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เรียม 3
เรียม 3

Year: 1992

Thai title: เรียม 3
English title:

Rating: 2/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Sarocha Sarakon

Thai movie เรียม 3 has been released in year 1992. The movie lasts 1h30mn. On the countryside, Riem (สโรชา สรากร) is about to marry Phi Boonchu. Her elder sister Prapleung (พี่สาว) is always jealous and still likes Boonchu, her previous boyfriend. Riem is almost hit by a car driven by a townsfolk (คนเมือง) called Tanawut. Thanks to her charms, Prapleung always tries to take Boonchu away from Riem. Boonchu has a weak character and often succumbs. Tanawut is looking to buy some land to build a factory and he wishes to seduce Riem. As Riem refuses to work in Tanawut’s home, Tanawut hires Prapleung instead. Prapleung keeps trying to take Boonchu from Riem causing Riem to be disappointed. Riem just believes she has bad karma. Her father is back asking for money to pay bad debts. As Riem needs money, she finally accepts to work for Tanawut. He has to lie that Prapleung is already his domestic helper. Riem has a strong character. Prapleung insinuates that Riem is doing bad things outside as Riem didn’t inform Boonchu that she is working for Tanawut. Finally Prapleung learns from Boonchu that Riem is also domestic helper of Tanawut (ดูแลบ้าน). Prapleung tries to convince Tanawut to keep only one domestic helper. Prapleung and Tanawut become lovers. A woman from Bangkok, called Chorada, arrives in hurry and is looking for Tanawut. She is Tanawut's fiancee (คู่หมั้นผมเอง). Prapleung keeps crying as she understands she has been deceived (กำลังสะใจ). As Prapleung takes Boonchu away from Riem again, Riem goes to consult the village guardian spirit complaining on her karma as she never hurts others but others hurt her feelings. Tanawut is passing by and consoles Riem but Chorada sees him and is upset. She tells to other villagers that Riem is trying to steal Tanawut from her so it reaches Prapleung. Boonchu, upset by Chorada, takes a strong revenge on her. Shocked, Chorada decides to go back to Bangkok. Tanawut takes opportunity to leave with her and announces his wish to marry her as he gets pushed by his mother. Upset, Riem goes in front of the guardian spirit's house (เจ้าที่) hoping not to lose Boonchu due to rumours propagated by Chorada. Prapleung tells she is more interested in Tanawut than Boonchu. Boonchu hears everything and now knows that Riem is pure. He tells the bad news to Prapleung that Tanawut left already. Prapleung failed to catch Boonchu / Tanawut and is left alone with her tears. Actress สโรชา สรากร also played in เรียม opus 1 and 2. She was famous during years 1992~1995 (movies บุหงา, ไฟกลางคืน, ตัณหาแม่เบี้ย...).

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