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Year: 1991

Thai title: เรียม
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Sarocha Sarakon

Thai movie เรียม has been released in year 1991 and lasts 1h32mn. It was released under VHS and VCD formats. Actress Sarocha Sarakon (สโรชา สรากร) also played in เรียม opus 2 and 3. She was famous during years 1992~1995 (movies บุหงา, ไฟกลางคืน, ตัณหาแม่เบี้ย...). In the countryside, young lady Prapleung and young man Boonchu promise to love each other forever in front of the village's sacred tree. Young lady Riem (สโรชา สรากร)(ไอ้ Riem) sees them and is upset as she loves Boonchu also. Prapleung (พี่สาว / แม่ Prapleung) is Riem’s elder sister. The sub-district headman visits Prapleung’s father. He wishes the sisters to participate in the Miss Songkran beauty contest. Prapleung has not decided yet. She is upset that Riem is always looking at Boonchu. The sub-district headman brings Prapleung to the city for a few days. Boonchu is upset that Prapleung’s father looks down at him. Boonchu misses to say goodbye to Prapleung as Riem teased him. Riem promises to help Boonchu. Boonchu misses Prapleung. A car enters the village. A young man, called Yot, brings back Prapleung. She has changed a lot (นางงาม). Yot offers gifts to the father, so the father immediately likes Yot. Aware Prapleung is back, Boonchu goes to her home, but sees Yot. Prapleung doesn’t love Boonchu anymore. Boonchu is shocked and starts having a fever. Riem takes care of him while he is sick. At nighttime, being dizzy, Boonchu confuses Riem with Prapleung. In the morning, still feeling sick, he chases Riem away. Meanwhile Yot visits Prapleung. He promises to bring her to learn being a tailor (ตัดเสื้อ) in the city. The father is very proud. Boonchu is still upset and refuses to lose. Boonchu wishes to ask her hand to the father, but Riem warns him the father will refuse. The father mentions her daughter is now a beauty queen (เทพี สงกรานต์) and she is going to the city to study. Boonchu has a fever again as he cannot stand being far from Prapleung. Riem continues to take good care of Boonchu. Love starts between Boonchu and Riem. Meanwhile Prapleung is back and is crying all the time. Yot had a wife already, so Prapleung had to leave. Prapleung sends food to Boonchu. Riem is disappointed again that Boonchu forgets her for Prapleung. Boonchu tells Prapleung clearly that he doesn’t love her anymore, but loves Riem. Riem wishes to die, but Boonchu arrives on time to prevent Riem from hanging herself (ไม่น่าคิดสั้น). Love can blossom between Boonchu and Riem.

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