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แสงโสม 2
แสงโสม 2

Year: 1985

Thai title: แสงโสม 2
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: ยอดมาลา

Main actor:
Main actress: พัชนี บุนนาถ

Thai movie แสงโสม 2 was released in year 1985 and lasts 1h29mn. Movie director is ยอดมาลา. The first part, called หล่อนชื่อแสงโสม, was released in year 1984. The movie แสงโสม 2 is the second opus of Thai movie หล่อนชื่อมาลี, which is related to the problems of a young provincial lady in Bangkok. Movie แสงโสม 2, same as movie อีโล้นซ่าส์, is featuring a bald sexy lady. It was released by company Lepso under VCD format. Hot scenes are cut but the remaining part is a social drama about prostitution. Another version was also released under VHS format (1h42mn). Erotic sequences are pixelated. A third version was released under VHS format under the name ดอกรักบานเมื่อฉันรักเธอ. Saeng Som's husband was sadique so she was always getting beaten. As she stabbed him, she ends up in prison. After a few years, Saeng Som (พัชนี บุนนาถ) exits from prison with a few bahts left only. She is looking for her son Kaew. Saeng Som needs to go to Chiang Mai to see him but she has no money for the ticket. The bus driver tries to abuse her (อุ่นเครื่องก่อน). Saeng Som finally does hitchhiking and a truck with two drivers takes her. On the way, they rape her. She is finally rescued by a nice man called Pakpum having pity of her. He brings her to Chiang Mai. In Chiang Mai, she is looking for Wanna, a woman, who is taking care of her child. Bang Oon, a masseuse (อาบอบนวด), informs her that Wanna has disappeared. Saeng Som doesn't want to do her former job (อาชีพเก่า) as she promised to her son before but she has no choice (กะหรี่) as she is a former inmate (สังคมไม่ให้อภัย). She cuts her long hair and becomes bald. She has a lot of success with customers. She doesn't dare to tell her real job to Pakpum. She also refuses that Pakpum helps her as she wants to stay independent. A romance finally starts between them. Her dream is to send her child to study overseas. She meets Mano a former boyfriend falling from bank businessman to selling Isan sausages (ไส้กรอก). Bang Oon, being pregnant, finds a sponsor but he is not giving a lot of money to her as he is under pressure from his main wife (เมียหลวง). He finally refuses to take care of the child. Pakpum wishes to marry with Som but she is reluctant. Later on Pakpum sees Som with Mano and misunderstands her (ผู้หญิงสกปรก). Som finally meets Kaew and Wanna, being sick. She tells Wanna that she is also sick and doesn't have a long time to live. Finally Pakpum sees Som in the massage parlour. Pakpum understands Som's motivations. Kaew finds that his mother lies to him and she is still doing massage job (หมอนวด). Kaew doesn't want to meet his mother anymore (แม่เลว, ความชั่ว). Pakpum still wants to marry Som. Saeng Som has problems (มดลูก) as she is going with too many customers, but she cannot stop as she needs to earn money to send her son to study overseas (เสียสละ). Mano cannot meet Saeng Som anymore. She is also disappointed to see Pakpum with another lady (ผู้ชายบัดซบ). She learns that Pakpum is owner of a brothel. Being scolded by Saeng Som, Pakpum wishes to do good things. He releases kidnapped girls from the brothel but gets shot by the mamasan. Saeng Som shots her back and ends up in jail again. She asks to see her son a last time before he leaves for overseas. Bang Oon, unwilling to have her child without a father and to suffer like Kaew and Saeng Som, kills herself.

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