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Year: 1985

Thai title: หอใหม่
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Supakorn Srisawat,Note Chernyim
Main actress:

Thai movie หอใหม่ was released in year 1985. This is a comedy movie with a few luring scenes. It was released under VCD format by Lepso Studio Company and lasts 1h10mn. The Betamax version lasts 1h30mn. It is based on the popularity of dorms (หอพัก) during 1980s as many provincial people came to work in Bangkok. Mother Ning is married to a younger husband named Samran (Supakorn Srisawat). She has also a son named Wat (เอกพงศ์ วงชาตรี), being soon a lawyer, and an adopted daughter named Praprasee. The mother trusts Samran and Praprasee too much. Wat loves Praprasee like a sister and not like a future wife despite the mother Ning pushing for such wedding. Praprasee wishes to marry Wat to have a bigger share in the mother's fortune. The mother is having a business of room rental. Samran is very lazy and doesn't help on anything. Samran has an affair with Praprasee (ทำชั่ว). Praprasee and Samran wish to invest into a new dormitory building (หอใหม่). It is a 6M Baht investment. As the mother doesn't trust Samran, she plans to put the building under Praprasee's name. Samran is responsible to check that rents are paid on time. Various young ladies are staying in the dormitory (a beauty student, a tourist guide - ผุสรัตน์ ดารา...). Samran is having affairs with some tenants. A lady called Payong is having affair with him for money only but Samran is jealous when Payong meets other men such an older photographer (หี่ยวฟ้า) or a movie director. Payong dreams to be a cinema star (ดารา) so she is ready to do everything to reach stardom. Wat helps a tourist guide called Neeramon, who is aggressed by ruffians. She is staying in the new dormitory. They start a relationship. Samran and Praprasee try to trap Wat so that Neeramon believes he is unfaithful. It fails and the infamy between Samran and Praprasee is disclosed. Note Chernyim makes Burapa pregnant but he refuses to take responsibility. Saran takes advantage of Burapa distress. Burapa accuses Sapran to make her pregnant. Prapasee suggests to Saran to use an illegal doctor for abortion. As Burapa's abortion is a failure, police arrests Saran as abortion is illegal in Thailand. Praprasee refuses to give back the new dorm but finally dies in a car accident. After exiting prison, finally Samran is employed as a domestic helper. There is an allegory comparison between the new dormitory building (หอใหม่) and the old one (หอเก่า) and between the old lady (Mother Ning) and the young ladies (Praprasee, Payong, Neeramon, Burapa).

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