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Year: 1984

Thai title: ถนนนี้ของบัวไร
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Thai movie ถนนนี้ของบัวไร was released in year 1984 and it lasts 1h34mn. This movie didn’t pass the censorship. Hot scenes are cut but the remaining part is a social drama about prostitution. The movie was released again under the name "วัยแตกพาน" in year 1986. Tuk Tuk driver Kamsai goes home late. He is living with his mum, his wife Bua Rai, his wife's younger sister (เด็กวัยรุ่น) and their young daughter. Everybody is asking money to Kamsai and Bua Rai, i.e. the younger sister (flirting with Bob instead of studying) and the mother (playing cards - เล่นไพ่ - and losing a lot). Bua Rai is hairdresser. One of her customers, Phi Songsree, told her to contact her in case she needs money... The younger sister and Bob indulge in sex and drug. Bob is always complaining about his mother in law, who holds all his money following his father's death. Kamsai's mother is so indebted that she has to use house property title (ใบซื้อขายบ้าน) of her son and loses it. Meanwhile Kamsai is aggressed by three ruffians, who steal his money. He ends up at hospital. He is now handicapped and there is a 10 000 baht hospital fee to pay. Bua Rai cannot use title deed (โฉนดที่ดิน) as the mother lost it. She has no choice but to go to see Phi Songsree to get 10 000 baht. Bua Rai has to prostitute herself to pay back the debt and earns money to sustain the family. The mother and younger sister are fully aware and take profit of it. Kamsai finally exits from hospital. Kamsai would rather stay half paralyzed rather that Bua Rai sells her body (ขายตัว). Coming late, Bua Rai still gets sarcasm from the mother as she just lost playing cards. Kamsai cannot stand to be unable to perform his husband duty. Bua Rai lies to Kamsai about her real job. He gets concerns when she has to go to Pattaya. Kamsai tries hard to recover. He is proud of his wife (เมียดีๆ). Bua Rai finds her sister injecting drugs to herself. Kamsai can now walk and finds that Bua Rai is not working as hairdresser anymore. Meanwhile Bua Rai's younger sister also resolves to prostitution to be able to buy drug (ยา) for her and Bob. Bua Rai discovers her sister also prostitutes herself (บัดซบ). The younger sister rejects her elder sister. Kamsai also understands that his wife is a prostitute (อิกะหรี่) and beats her. Everybody forgets she is doing this for the family. The family is about to explode (เราด้องการเงิน, ใจง่าย). The younger sister and Bob enter prostitution and steal bags. Kamsai indulges in alcohol. Rejected by Kamsai, forbidden to see her daughter, Bua Rai leaves the house and explains in a note that she has no choice as his mother sold the house. She ends up at hospital, where her younger sister just died following a shooting. She decides to get suicide. Hopefully Kamsai and the daughter arrive on time to save her and promise to build a new life (ชีวิตใหม่).

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