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Year: 1984

Thai title: หนุ่มใกล้หอ
English title:

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Lor Tok,Pipop Pupinyo,Thep Thienchai,Doo Dook Kradon,Rong Kaomulkadee,Thuam Thoranong,Note Chernyim,Pao Porapak
Main actress: Chosri Misommon

Thai movie หนุ่มใกล้หอ was released in year 1984 and it lasts 1h39mn. It is a light sexy comedy and it reminds of the Italian 1970s comedies. The dorm owner (หอสาวแม่) forbids her girls to approach men (สตรีที่ดี). She raises some orphan girls (เลี้ยงเป็นลูก). Pipop Pupinyo is used as a bodyguard to prevent intruders in the dorm. Doctor Lor Tok opens a dorm for men (หอชาย) on the opposite side! Among Lor Tok’s disciples, there are veteran actors Doo Dook Kradon, Rong Kaomulkadee, Thuam Thoranong, Note Chernyim. The mother forces Pipop and another guard to take medicine to moderate their ardor (ไม่ไว้ใจ, อารมณ์เพศ). The young men take their revenge by giving to the mother a laxative so that they can be alone with the girls. On the following night, they even cut the water to force the girls to bathe in the swimming pool. Lor Tok tries to provide special medicine (ยาพลังเพศ) to convince Pipop to join them. The mother complains all men are dirty (ลามก). As a new male joins the dorm, the guys change their tactics and use the new handsome guy (รูปหล่อ) to seduce the mother (สุภาพ, แข็งแรง). He succeeds to be invited by the mother as an additional guard when the young ladies sunbathe (สาวอาบแดด). Basically the mother is doing the opposite she was teaching to her girls. They protest against their mother (อย่าทำผิดอีกเลย)! Lor Tok insults her as a mix of madonna (แม่พระ) and witch (แม่มด). Thep Thienchai, as a toilets cleaner, is also involved. Lor Tok is arrested by the police following complaints of Chosri Misommon. Finally the young men fall in love with the ladies. Lor Tok is released from prison and is back with two disciples (ลูกศิษย์) including Pao Porapak. As the two thugs plan to kidnap some girls, the young men intervene to catch them. The ladies dorm’s owner decides to remove the fence between the male and female dorms as she recognizes that women cannot live without men. Lor Tok is finally arrested again for selling porn videos. The movie ends up with sexy sequences showing what Lor Tok has secretly filmed. Those sequences present in the 35mm film have been removed from the VCD released by Happy Time. Note Chernyim only plays in a few sequences. There was disagreement on his salary for this movie so he was replaced by Doo Dook Kradon.

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