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Year: 2018

Thai title: กลางแปลง
English title: Country Movie

Rating: 3/5
Director: มรกต แก้วธานี

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai movie กลางแปลง / Country Movie was released in year 2018 and lasts 1h36mn. Isan language is used. Movie director is มรกต แก้วธานี. Thai actors and actresses featured in this movie are พราว อาร์สยาม, เดียว ชูพงษ์, เอฟ นนทิพัทธ์. This movie shows the life of outdoor cinema companies in the rural side. Some companies are still using film reels. They are hired for local events such as merit ceremony (งานบุญ), funerals (งานศพ)... Advertisement in the village is done through a megaphone. It costs 30 THB for adults and 15 THB for children to watch movies. An outdoor cinema company is having difficulties in business. Finally, it gets hired for a spiritual ceremony. Another outdoor cinema company gets hired for the same spiritual ceremony (แก่บน). Fee is 6,000 THB for two movies. The two outdoor cinema companies end up at the same location and argue together. The father has to separate them. Both men, Taen and Kaen, love the same lady, Prao (พราว อาร์สยาม), so they are in competition. The father recommends his son not to fight and to let Prao make her choice. Local ruffians led by Kaen (เดียว ชูพงษ์) ask money from the outdoor company. They get beaten by Taen (เอฟ นนทิพัทธ์). Prao, daughter of the outdoor cinema company, is back in the village. She wishes to take over her father, but he is reluctant. Young lady Prang is upset as she loves Taen also. Prao accompanies Taen for outdoor cinema sessions but business is difficult. Few people come to see movies. Prao wishes that outdoor cinema (หนังกลางแปลง) remains in countryside as it can help to educate youngsters if good and useful movies are shown. Kaen and his men are back to disrupt Taen's outdoor cinema projections but Prao chases them away. Kaen is sad as he also loves Prao. Prao is thinking about ways to make the business more successful by using social media. Prao wishes to move from film to digital, so she convinces her father as the business is decreasing. Currently they are showing old movies in 35mm format such as Anaconda and ปลุกมันขึ้นมาฆ่า from Panna Rittikrai, so it is not enough to attract a big audience as new movies are released in digital format only. Meanwhile Kaen is suspected by the village leader as money and a Buddha statue has disappeared from the local Buddhist temple. A high society lady hires two cinema screens for a robe offering (ทอดกฐิน) event. As the father has only one screen, he hires his competitor screen also. During the event, two ruffians steal expensive bags from ladies. Kaen helps to stop but he is injured. Taen intervenes also and the two ruffians are recognised as former novices in the Buddhist temple. The village leader apologizes to Kaen. The company now projects digital movies having copyrights. Prao has to go back to Bangkok to finish her studies. The father wishes to keep the film reels as it will show to younger generations how outdoor cinema was. Prang takes good care of Kaen.

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