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Year: 1957

Thai title: โรงแรมนรก
English title: Country Hotel

Rating: 5/5
Director: Ratana Pestonji

Main actor: Prachuap Ruekyamdee,Chana Sriubon,Sompong Phonmitr,Tat Ekathat
Main actress: Sarinthip Siriwan

The hotel bar caretaker Noi is a brave guy (Prachuap Ruekyamdee) but he is a bit gullible and too nice to customers. The hotel is used as rehearsal hall by choral or a Philippine artist such as miss Flora or Chinese opera (งิ้ว) or even a boxing match. The hotel is often used for arm wrestling competition. The caretaker Noi can often beat men much stronger than him. This strange hotel has only one room and it is already occupied by Mr Chana (Chana Sriubon). Issue arises when a young lady called Riem (Sarinthip Siriwan) asks for a room also. Chana renames the hotel Paradise as hotel Hell (โรงแรมนรก) as it is too noisy. Chana and Riem keep arguing for the room and even fight for pillows (ใจดำ). Chana is getting mad as he cannot sleep properly. Rumors about bandit Seua Din reach the hotel. Taking a bath in a nearby river, Riem needs to borrow Chana's gun to protect herself in case Seua Din is around. As Chana refuses, she bets with him and wins a shooting game. Three ruffians including a fierce guy called Krai are looking for Chana as he is an accountant. They wish to rob his money before he pays company salaries. Noi's uncle is shot. Riem is back when they start to beat Noi and Chana to know when the money arrives. The ruffians are quite polite (เสือสุภาพบุรุษ) but determined to get the money. Noi tells that Riem is Chana's wife. To make Chana speaks, the ruffians threaten his wife’s integrity. Chana finally accepts to tell that money will arrive at 4am. Love emerges between Riem and Chana. One of the ruffians helps Noi as he was looking for honest job and not a thief job. Krai shoots his two friends at nighttime as he believes they betrayed him by protecting Chana. Seua Din enters in the hotel and wishes to get the money also with no sharing. So a Russian roulette game is organised between Krai and Seua Din. Seua Din is very polite (เสือสุภาพบุรุษ) also but not Krai who breaks the game rules and shoots him. Chana and Noi capture Krai. The agent sending the money was Riem, daughter of the company owner. Chana and Riem cannot marry as Chana believes he is a small accountant only. Riem succeeds to convince him. There is a great performance of Prachuap Ruekyamdee who is playing a major role here instead of being a second role in a movie with leading actor Mitr Chaibancha. The movie scenario is very witty. Country Hotel (โรงแรมนรก) is a 1957 black and white movie lasting 2h19mn. It was filmed in 35mm format (using real actors voice) at the opposite of mainstream Thai movies using 16mm format (using dubbers). The movie received 3 awards in 1959 (best director, best image, best sound). The bar can still be found at Thai Film Archives museum. Western classical music is used. There is a great soundtrack used to create special ambience when fighting is happening. It is an indoor movie shooting.

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