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Year: 1927

Thai title: ช้าง
English title: Chang: A Drama Of The Wilderness

Rating: 4/5
Director: Merian C Cooper

Main actor:
Main actress:

Movie ช้าง - “Chang : A drama of the wilderness”, film is a US movie shot in Thailand in 1927. Merian C Cooper, who later went on to produce King Kong, made this film in Nan province, featuring an attack by a herd of rampaging elephants on a forest village. Krung Lao is a tribesman. His family is living in a stilt house. He has three children. Dog is brought upstairs every evening and ladder is removed to avoid jungle animals entering at night time. A leopard is eating his calves despite a fence so he sets up a trap to catch it. Buffalo is used as a transportation mean. Many wild animals are featured such as tiger, bear, snake, porcupine, gibbon, varan. The leopard is finally captured and killed. The movie shows traditional ways to capture and kill tiger and leopard. A baby elephant is also captured by Krung through a traditional hole trap. The mother elephant wants to get back her calf and does a rampage on Krung's house. The family has to flee by boat. They are then chased by a tiger and a leopard. Krung succeeds to kill the tiger and captures the leopard in a trap. Later on, a whole village is destroyed following a rampage by a herd of elephants. Traditional way to capture a herd of elephants is also featured by guiding elephants to a big area surrounded by high fences. The family builds a new house and has their own new elephant. This 90 years old movie is impressive with a huge live elephants herd featured and no Fx.

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