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Year: 1988

Thai title: ครั้งเดียวก็เกินพอ
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: Manop Udomdej

Main actor: Likit Eakmongkol,Apichat Halamjiak,Somsak Chaisongkram
Main actress: Sinjai Hongthai

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Lak is a modern Thai lady. She is fianced since two years but her fiance (คู่หมั้น) is always busy with his work and has no time for her. There is still no confirmed date for the wedding and she is upset by this. In Pukhet, to escape to boredom, Lak (Sinjai Hongthai) meets young bachelor Samon (Likit Eakmongkol). Samon is hot temper and asks for wedding with Lak after a few days of friendship only but she refuses as she has already a fiance. She starts to be fed up with Samon as she doesn't love him. Samon is a butterfly man. Samon invites himself (รังควาน) to Lak's appartement in Phuket. She refuses to tell anything to her fiance as there is nothing to say! Lak accepts to kiss Samon but nothing more. Then Samon forces her and she gives way to Samon. Despite her friend advice, Lak refuses to go to police to file a claim (แจ้งความ) as she is afraid and feels shameful. Lak is back to Bangkok. Samon continues to chase her in Bangkok. Samon contacts Lak's fiance and tell him he and Lak love each other and that he and Lak are lovers. A discussion happens between Lak and her fiance. She cannot stand his kindness and gives back her fiancee ring. He leaves to Indonesia. As Samon is still chasing her, she goes to police to complain. Samon is arrested. Samon's lawyer asks for compromise outside the court to protect her name but she refuses. She claims she was not consenting (ไม่เต็มใจ). Samon's lawyer tries to convince the tribunal that it was not a rape but a common acceptance. Lak changes home and quits Bangkok. She doesn't care anymore about the trial. She is now pregnant. Shall she keep the future baby or not? She doesn't want to destroy the baby future as it is still a life so she decides to keep it. She doesn't want to be forced again by Salmon's acts so she keeps behaving same as before, i.e. doing intensive gym. The foetus dies. She is now freed. She loses the trial as Samon is only condemned to a 600 baht fine. She meets him in an hotel again. He challenges her again. At night time, he succeeds to enter in her house but gets severely beaten and dies when falling from the stairs. She is sent to prison but released promptly. Her former fiance is waiting for her. This Manop Udomdej's movie is related to women position in Thai society (difficulty to prove a rape, abortion difficulty for single woman). This movie received four gold statuette awards (รางวัลตุ๊กตาทอง) in 1987.

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