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Year: 1987

Thai title: รักใคร่
English title:

Rating: 5/5

Main actor: Santisuk Promsiri,Somsak Chaisongkram
Main actress: Aranya Namwong,Jintara Sookkapat

Khun Num Yao (Aranya Namwong) is a middle age lady (ผู้ดี). She is practising illegal abortion on teens or rich ladies having affair and then unwanted baby. Her son Ran is hot tempered (ใจร้อน) and is butterfly man (หลายใจ). She also pays for Tap Tim studies, who is the daughter of her domestic helper. Tap Tim is not strong in studies but always willing to (เรียนไม่เก่งแต่ตั้งใจ). She wishes to be a nurse. Ran has a bad mindset but is intelligent and always studies well. He has become a doctor. In 1980s decade, abortions were not authorized in Thai hospitals. Patients needed to bring proofs in front of the police that the unwanted baby was due to a rape. Khun Num Yao knows it is illegal (ผิดกฎหมาย) but is is necessary (ความจำเป็น). She doesn't hope for gratitude (บุญคุณ). Adults have fun in modern society without responsabilities (ผู้ใหญ่สนุกอย่างเดียวไม่รับผิดชอบ). People have fire (ไฟ). She even helped her own son's girlfriends to abort. Pa Kong, Tap Tim's mother, is always helping Khun Num Yao during illegal abortions. Tap Tim succeeds to be a nurse. She is invited to Hua Hin by Ran, who is partying with friends. She is helping her mother to arrange food in the seaside resort. Ran has a dirty mindset (เรื่องลามก) in the heart despite high studies. She hates Ran. Tam Tim needs to compensate the good deeds received (ตอบแทนความบุญคุณ) and have to help Khun Num Yao for abortion as her mother is sick. She is unhappy and she has studied nurse job to save people and not to kill them (ทำบาปฆ่าคน). There is a deranging allegory between the mother killing life and the son creating life in the hotel room with girls. Pa Kong relates old story to her daughter. Ran's real mother asked to abort when she was already seven months pregnant. The child had survived and Khun Num Yao has adopted Ran as her own child. Tap Tim is confused (สับสน) but now better understands Ran's behavior (ไม่ได้รับอบอุ่นจาก Khun Num Yao). Ran hops between girls. Tap Tim's friend, Pol, is sick and has been dumped by Ran. Ran lies to himself and to the girls. Pol is pregnant. Thap Tim, fed up, tells him the truth (บัดซบ, ไม่ไช่มนุษย์, ปัญหาสังคม) to Ran regarding his real origin. Ran cannot stand the truth and breaks everything in his room. Ran disappears. Thap Tim decides to leave Khun Num Yao's home and brings her mother to go to countryside. She helps poor villagers and works in a dispensary (สถานีอนามัย) as nurse (นางพยาบาล). One day a little girl is really sick. There is a need for a doctor's help. They go to the next big village. Doctor Ran is there. He helps the girl but refuses to talk to Thap Tim. Ran is addicted to drugs in order to forget his past. Thap Tim helps for his redemption (เป็นคนดีได้). Finally the whole family is reunited. Ran is now having confidence into himself and asks his mother to stop doing this illegal job. She accepts. Ran will spend two years outside thailand to finish studies regarding proper abortion. Thap Tim promises to wait. The movie raises the hot topic regarding abortion legalisation in Thailand.

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