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Year: 1998

Thai title: กล่อง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Udom Taepanich
Main actress: Metinee Kingpayom,Orasa Isarangkul,Juree Osiri,Marasri Isarangkul

Thai movie กล่อง, directed by ChatriChalerm Yukol, was released in year 1998. It lasts 1h36mn. A story is told by a comic show actor (Udom Taepanich - อุดม แต้พานิช). The people appearing in the story are in fact present in the theater. He reuses them. The story is about Cheut, who is a song composer and has only problems having debts, being annoyed by the landlord (Orasa Isarangkul), being exploited by ruffians or by policemen (asking for money for police charity but keeping for himself) and being unlucky. His wife (Metinee Kingpayom) always blames him (คนหรือควาย). He goes to a music producer but cannot get any appointment so even loses his musical compositions there. As he always gets cheated, bullied, annoyed, blamed (กง แกล้ง รังแก ด่า) so he decides to get suicide but he fails despite several attempts (ไม่เคยทำอะไรสำเร็จ). Wishing to plunge from a tall bridge, he misses the bus. He notices another passenger also waiting for the bus. Trying to talk to him, he realizes that the passenger is dead. He steals his box as anyway it cannot have any usage for a dead man. Cheut and his wife try to open the box without success. In the morning, the wife is very unhappy as she found from the newspaper that the dead man is a drug trafficker and that box certainly contains heroin. So they are in serious problem. Following multiple happenings, Cheut gets rid of the box. His wife, learning from TV that the deceased was finally a rich man and not a drug trafficker, asks him to get back the box asap. As the landlord is asking for the rent, Cheut’s wife tells her there is certainly money in the mysterious box. Rumours spread fast (นินทา). People are greedy. People previously bad with him are now very polite, very attentive as they believe he is now a rich man. They all fail to open the box. Luckily the producer finds the songs written by Cheut and he becomes a rich man. He decides to throw away the box. The box is like Pandora box, a box for dreams. As their dreams are achieved, they don't need the box anymore.

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