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Year: 1997

Thai title: ฝันบ้าคาราโอเกะ
English title: fun bar karaoke

Rating: 4/5
Director: Pen-Ek Ratanaruang

Main actor: Ray McDonald
Main actress:

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Pu, a young girl, has been dreaming that her mother, who had died some years before, is building a house. A fortune teller advises her that, should she continue to have this dream, her father will die when the house is completed. Her father, a playboy, is a karaoke regular. He eventually becomes involved with Yok who has connections with the Chinese Mafia. Noi, son of an American soldier who dreams of saving money, learn English and wants to leave for America. He is in love with Pu, but too shy to reveal his love for her. Pu cannot stop dreaming about the house. Her father's relationship with Yok brings him nothing but bad luck... This movie is a study as well as a satire of the co-existence of modernity and superstition.

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