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ฝันติดไฟ หัวใจติดดิน
ฝันติดไฟ หัวใจติดดิน

Year: 1997

Thai title: ฝันติดไฟ หัวใจติดดิน
English title: Dreamers

Rating: 4/5
Director: องอาจ สิงห์ลำพอง

Main actor:
Main actress: Kullasatree Siripongpreeda

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Thai movie ฝันติดไฟ หัวใจติดดิน / Dreamers was released in year 1997 and lasts 1h57mn. Movie director is องอาจ สิงห์ลำพอง. The movie was released under VCD and DVD format. Nai (ศรราม เทพพิทักษ์) is living with his brother Neung (อนันต์ บุนนาค), who has a mental deficiency. Their neighbor Pim (Kullasatree Siripongpreeda) wishes to be a singer. Nai is selling watches at a night market. Nai’s friend, Choi (อรุณ ภาวิไล), is also selling goods in the market. The market is managed by Beum, a local ruffian, and all stalls have to pay a protection fee (ค่าจำเนียร). Following a first failure, Nai and his brother encourage Pim to continue. On a next contest, a producer Thana (รวิชญ์ เทิดวงส์) notices Pim and wants her to become a star. He is also secretly fond of Pim. Meanwhile, Neung succeeds in preventing a theft. Beum was stealing inside Ravin's car. Beum is arrested by the Police. As Beum is released from the Police station, his gang storms Nai's flat. Nai and his brother have to flee. Pim is worried as Nai's flat was ransacked and he has disappeared. Nai and Neung stay in a new house. Nai loses his job as a cook because of Neung. Neung is getting sick and Nai is unable to pay the hospital bill. Nai remembers Thana and calls him. Thana pays the bill and finds a job for Nai. Nai believes it is not correct for him to meet Pim anymore so she is upset as he tries to avoid Pim. He also knows Thana loves Pim so he is stuck between reconnaissance towards him and love towards Pim so he decides to sacrifice himself. Pim brings Nai to an outdoor restaurant. It makes newspaper news so Thana is worried. He also shares his feelings to Pim. Nai hears everything and leaves before listening to Pim's answer. Nai decides to change home again and to leave Bangkok. At the train station, Neung leaves while Nai is buying tickets. He goes to a park, where he has hidden a piggy bank with coins he found over years. Beum and his friends see Neug. They hit him and leave him for dead. Nai brings him to the hospital, but it is too late as Neung dies there. Nai goes back to the market to get revenge over Beum. Nai is beaten by ruffians, but gets help from Choi. Choi is stabbed by Beum. Other stall owners help Nai and Choi. A fire occurs in the market. A few months later, Thana brings Pim to the south of Thailand. He leaves her in the front of a restaurant. The owner is Nai...

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