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Year: 1989

Thai title: เทวดาตกสวรรค์
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Santisuk Promsiri,Kiet Kijcharouen,Suchao Pongwilai,Kriengkrai Unhanan
Main actress: Jintara Sookkapat,Mayurachath Muarnprasitivej

Thep is part of a group of deities (Thewada - เทวดา) that comes to earth. Thep fails to go back to heaven. People in a slum (สลัม) are expelled from their home as a big company wishes to build a hotel. A journalist from CH8 (ข่าว 8) called Aep is showing the truth. Ruffians try to bring troubles but Thep protects Aep. Aep believes he met a crazy guy (เจอคนบ้า). As Thep has nowhere to go, he welcomes him in his home. Aep's sister, Kaew, is blind and makes flowers. Aep is having issues with a colleague, Watee, at the office. Other deities come to pick up Thep but Thep prefers to stay believing he is more useful in human world (มนุษย์). Aep is doing an enquiry on a kid that was kidnapped. He always highlights the opposition between poor and rich society. Aep interviews show real society so they are disturbing to his boss. Aep is worried (กลุ้มใจ) as her boss doesn't value his work. Thep starts to understand society hypocrisy (Good people – คนดี – only pretending, Charitable work – งานกุศล - is not only for those going to temple, do we value people only by their name particule – ทาน ?) Deities can be same as humans. As Thep is not willing to go back yet to heaven so he is helping Aep to do kindness (ช่วยทำความดี). Wattee and his boss (หัวหน้าผู้หญิง) are lovers. Wattee threatens her to nominate him at a higher position. An eye donation (บริจากตา) happens for Kaew. The donor is not compatible but Kaew accepts her fate. Meanwhile Wattee has no scruples. He dumps his girlfriend to pursue high professional hopes. He gets one video tape featuring a drug case but it is stolen by Da, one of the employee as it features her husband. She tries to protect her wedding and child as her husband is playing cards and dealing with drugs. Thep challenges the heaven that goodness should be seen before he heads back. To avoid bringing trouble to Da, the chief editor takes the responsibility of the missing tape. Things get worse as Da tries to get suicide as her husband has fled with her daughter. The deity leader tries to get back Thep but to no avail. Finally Da and her daughter are reunited. Through Kaew and the chief editor's action, Thep can see kindness on earth. Wattee is still jaleous with Thep and Aep. He sends some ruffians to neutralize them. Thep can vanquish them and Wattee is sent to jail as his boss doesn't support him (ตอบแทนความดี!). As Wattee is now in jail, it is time for Thep to go back to heaven. It was originally a Thai TV serie done in 1986 and then adapted to cinema in 1989. Another TV serie remake was done in 1998.

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