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อินเซค อิน เดอะ แบ็กยาร์ด
อินเซค อิน เดอะ แบ็กยาร์ด

Year: 2010

Thai title: อินเซค อิน เดอะ แบ็กยาร์ด
English title: Insects in the Backyard

Rating: ?/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai movie อินเซค อิน เดอะ แบ็กยาร์ด / “Insects in the Backyard” was banned in year 2010. An official movie trailer lasting 2mn30s can still be seen. The trailer is mute except for a background music. Rating the movie as “20 years old” only was seen as not enough. This movie was banned due to immorality. Both children hate their transgender father and resort to prostitution. The daughter even keeps her school uniform. Some sex scenes are deemed too hard with genital seen. There is even a dream of patricide. Two main messages say “They are insects. They live in the Backyard called world” and “They are human. Who live in a Cage called ‘sex’”.

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