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Year: 2006

Thai title: เพื่อน...กูรักมึงว่ะ
English title: Bangkok Love Story

Rating: 4/5
Director: Poj Arnon

Main actor: Suchao Pongwilai
Main actress:

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Mek (เมฆ) is a solitary hitman with no friends and no love. He still has a brother and a sick mother. One day he kidnaps a young man denouncing corruption but refuses to execute him as the young man is not an evil guy (ฆ่าคนเลวไม่ฆ่าคนดี). Following arguments with his boss, a shooting happens and Mek flees with his victim. As Mek gets injured and loses blood, he receives help from the young man called Iht (อิฐ). Mek has a bad childhood. Iht then takes care of him, cleans his shack and wipes his body. A love story starts between the two men. It reminds Iht of his own past when his mother was sick and couldn't leave home. She died because some thugs hindered him to come back on time to give her medicine. He still feels ashamed as he couldn't help his mother on time. The ruffians still wish to eliminate them but the first attempt fails. Iht's girlfriend, Sai, starts to notice modifications in Iht's behavior. Love emerges between the two men. There is a delicate representation of homosexual love far away from the Thai ladyboy (กะเทย) usual style. Mek feels ashamed of himself and chases Iht. Iht still tries to meet Mek (ผมคิดถึงคุณ) but fails to locate him as Mek is too shy. Sai suffers as she knows she losts her love with Iht. Finally Iht and Mek find each other and declare their strong passion. It is seen by both Sai and Mek's brother. Iht helped Mek's brother, Mok (หมอก) who was always bullied by others as he is HIV positive. The mother knows also the truth about Mek. A tragedy happens as the two brothers argue. The mother hangs herself. While bringing the mother to hospital, ruffians try to kill Mek again. His mother is shot and dies. Meanwhile Sai decides to separate with Iht. Thinking about taking revenge, she finally doesn't shoot him. The two brothers decide to leave for the countryside. Before Mek decides to take revenge over the ruffians. Iht, alerted by the younger brother try to find Mek. Mek performs a rampage at the ruffians' place but is then captured at the train station by the police. Iht is injured into the eyes while trying to look for Mek at the ruffians' place. He is now blind. Mok dies from decease. In 2575, Mek is released from prison and Iht is waiting. The movie has a dark ending at Mek is shot down. This film won a Subhannahongsa Award for best screenplay and went on screen at many film festivals in Europe and Asia. The movie contains great action scenes including a shooting inside a Buddha factory.

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