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Year: 1985

Thai title: หย่าเพราะมีชู้
English title: The Accusation

Rating: 5/5
Director: Manop Udomdej

Main actor: Apichat Halamjiak
Main actress: Sinjai Hongthai,Nardtaya DaengBunga

The English title is the Accusation. Phan is a modern woman, teacher and writer. She is married with Phukphan and there is no love in the couple anymore (ชีวิตคู่น่าเบื่อ) but she needs to endure. They have strong arguments and her husband wishes to push her for divorce. He is an army officer. She finally receives a registered letter suing her for divorce due to adultery (ชู้). It makes newspaper headlines. She wishes to fight back and asks her friend Wan, a lawyer, to help but she refuses as Phan doesn't have strong evidences to refute the accusation. Wan finally changes her mind but has to face a famous lawyer on the other side. They start enquiries on Phukphan's past. The trial starts. The judge would like them to divorce silently to avoid noise and shame but it is too late. They both had a very busy schedule. Phukphan accuses his wife to have an affair with soldier Chayo. The trial raises issues related to sex affairs and private diseases (ติดเชื้อ). Crude details are given during the trial regarding intimate preferences of the husband such as a sadism. He blames his wife for not giving him what he wanted (อารมณ์เพศ). Real crude details are given during the trial. It was quite shocking during 1980s Thai society period. The lawyer is a woman. The defendant is a woman facing the establishment and men hostility. The accuser even tries to use fake testimony involving a policeman. Phukphan wishes to go with another woman. As Phan doesn't want to initiate the divorce, he planned to accuse her of adultery. Who wants to marry a woman who divorces her husband? it is wrongly seen as shameful by Thai society. A woman that asks for divorce is seen as a bad woman. She tried to support hoping her husband would change but he didn't. The movie exposes the horrible realities of her relations and his own sordid sexual life. Phukphan’s lawyer claims that Phan’s bad behavior is coming from the modern Thai novels she is writing. She finally wins the trial. This movie is widely admired by younger educated and intellectual Thai people. It nevertheless caused a major scandal by its sexual frankness and by the implication that a senior military figure could be guilty of socially inadmissible practices. In 1980s, Sinjai Hongthai played the modern woman in many movies (ฉันรักผัวเขา, ครั้งเดียวก็เกินพอ) directed by Manop Udomdej. She always has to fight for her rights.

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