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Year: 1984

Thai title: คนขวางโลก
English title:

Rating: 5/5
Director: Permpol Choei-arun

Main actor: Kamthorn Suwanpiyasiri
Main actress: Naowarat Yooktanun,Metta Roongrat

Chun is the unique child of a rich family. His father and mother always fight. The husband is cheating his wife and asks his son to keep the secret. Nobody understands or cares about him. Chun is like a beatnik, having long hair and driving an old beetle car. Chun is studying art painting. But even judges don't understand his work. He is fed up with life and rules. Thai students are not educated to challenge rules, the system or think by themselves. Only weak people fear the settled system. Society askes him to stop involvement in politics and focus on studies. He rides a horse in Bangkok to avoid traffic jam and promote his paintings. He challenges his art teacher and makes him upset. When seeing his father doing dangerous business involving risks for the staff health in a factory, he denounces him to the press but nothing is done as they are corrupted. So he makes an union to fight for staff right. His father is disappointed that his son betrays him. His uncle has a plan to have him come back in the society standard rules and be able to take over the company as his father is going old. The uncle orders he cannot see his girlfriend Wee as he is an ungrateful son. Chun goes in gogo bar and blames everybody for the society decadence, Thai men providing young girls to foreigners, indulgence in alcohol... He is expelled by the doormen and beaten by them. He is rescued by Nao, freelance working girl, who initiates him to love. He disappears for 4 days. A love story starts between them. Nao introduces him to her younger sister, who is Wee's best friend! Chun understands that Nao is a prostitute so leaves her. Everybody is lying to him, i.e. the father indulging with young men, the mother indulging in playing cards, Nao selling her body... He gets refuge in a slum. As money runs out, he sells his paintings. Nao recognizes his paintings and finds Chun but he rejects her due to her duplicity. Nao acknowledges but she has no choice as women are puppets that men are using. She does it for her sister to study as they have no more parents. Puzzled, Chun tortures himself same as hermit (ฤาษี). He is very sick so Nao calls his parents. A fight happens between ruffians sent by his parents and slum kids. Chun is sent to visit a psychiatric doctor for crazy people. Did he receive a good education from his parents? His father tries to change him so that he can work in the family factory but to no avail. He identifies himself to Van Gogh. He is forced to live a life like a prisoner with no freedom. His father wants to put him in an hospital for crazy people. Chun is ready to suicide himself. His slum friends and Wee rescue him just on time. This movie is a criticism of Thai education system. People are not themselves. They need to follow society precepts and cannot challenge them.

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