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Year: 1978

Thai title: กาม
English title: Kama

Rating: 5/5
Director: ChatriChalerm Yukol

Main actor: Manop Aussawathep,Sorapong Chatree,Dam Datsakorn,Nirut Sirijanya,Adul Dulyarat,Somsak Chaisongkram
Main actress: Piathip Kumwong,Monrudee Yamaphai,Wiyada Umarin,Metta Roongrat

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Chet (Sorapong Chatree) performs love scene with Manvika (Piathip Kumwong) in front of cameras. Manvika (ดาวโป้) is a sex movies star. Veena (Monrudee Yamaphai), her teen daughter, feels ashamed. Manvika draws a line between public life and private life. She works hard to pay her daughter’s studies. There is a crazy painter called Marut (Manop Aussawathep) living near their home and drawing big vagina, i.e. his vision of a mother, or big penis (พระเจ้า), i.e. his vision of the humanity creation. The art critic doesn't understand him and sees him as a sex maniac only. The artist is seen as obscene (ลามก) by his neighbours. Veena gets interest in this artist and also starts to draw similar vagina during school art lessons. She is studying in a catholic private school. Next week is Veena's birthday. Veena has feelings that her mother doesn't spend enough time with her and more time with other men while playing movies. A journalist called Surasak keeps harassing the mother. As a vengeance as Manvika slapped him, the journalist publishes picture of her daughter Veena presented as a new star (ดาวรุ่งดาวใหม่). Despite not being aware, Veena is threatened to be expelled if it ever happens again as her school can only accept good mindset lady (สุภาพบุรุษสตรี). Society doesn't make a difference between a job and real personality of people. They all believe Manvika can only be an easy woman. The artist is also despised as sexual representations cannot be art according to society prejudices. While going back from restaurant, Veena's friend car hits the artist. Veena helps to bring him back home safely. The journalist is still angry and writes devastating reviews about Manvika. He is also a corrupted guy accepting money to write good reviews. Veena understands the artist motivations and doesn't believe what he is drawing is dirty as it is the origins of our world. People start to gossip, including Surasak the journalist, as Veena visits him every day. Neighbours believe a sex maniac artist and a daughter of porno star can only do bad things together. Veena wishes the artist to draw mountains or sea and he follows her advice. Following Surasak’s pressure, Manvika is downgraded to second role by movie director (Adul Dulyarat). One evening, the artist wishes to draw a nude painting of Veena. Afraid she starts shouting and fighting back. Surasak following them secretly takes pictures to be published on Thairat newspaper’s first page and pretending a rape. The artist is beaten by the mob. Nobody talks anymore to Veena (คนเลว) at her school. Manvika tries to get help from other newspapers but with no avail. Veena is fired from her school. Surasak’s wife (Metta Roongrat) asks him to consider how he would react if his own daughter was tarnished the same way. Nobody comes to Veena’s birthday (รังเกียจหนู). Newspapers can shape belief of people as even Manvika doubts about her own daughter. Only the artist understood her, so she leaves her home to find him in Koh Samet (เข้าใจกันดี). Following Manvika's tearful pleas, Surasak recognizes his mistakes and promises not to write about her and her family anymore. Being recognized on Koh Samet island, police and her mother are coming to get Veena back. Veena doesn't want to go back with her mum and be called as sex star daughter (ลูกสาวดาวโป้) again. Marut, the artist, gets shot by the police. Only the crazy artist was understanding Veena. This movie กาม includes strong critique of newspapers living on scandals (ข่าวเป็นข่าว), strong critique of society preconceived opinions on art and people public life. Many famous Thai actors have a cameo appearance in this movie.

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