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Year: 1976

Thai title: สาวแก่
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Phairoj Sangwaribut,Manop Aussawathep
Main actress: Naiyana Shewanan,Tasawan Saneewong,Mayurachath Muarnprasitivej

Thai drama movie สาวแก่ was released in year 1976 and it lasts 1h45mn. Doctor Pim (Phairoj Sangwaribut) and nurse พี่ Yot (Tasawan Saneewong) are boyfriend / girlfriend. She is 12 years older. Her close friend is Jaem (Mayurachath Muarnprasitivej). Chaninee (Naiyana Shewana) brings her father to hospital. Pim helps to cure him. Many people in the hospital gossip (นินทา) about Pim and Yot. Jaem has even some concerns about the couple (ความเหมาะสมผู้หญิงกับผู้ชาย). Knowing he fails to be chosen to be sent overseas as doctor, Pim involves in alcohol and Yot has to bring him back home. Finally Yot and Pim become lovers as Pim is pushing for it under alcohol influence. Chalat (Manop Aussawathep), a policeman, is introduced to Yot by Jaem as she believes Pim and Yot don't go together properly as she is much older than him. The doctor opens a clinic with Yot as assistant. Yot sold her land to pay for the clinic. They are still calling each other "พี่ Yot" (Sister Yot) and doctor (หมอ). Pim meets Chaninee another time as her father is sick again. The father finally dies. He presents Yot as elder sister (พี่สาว) to Chaninee. Yot wishes to marry to stop all rumors (คนนินทาไม่มีวันหยุด). Jealousy happens as Yot is aware that Pim is seeing Chaninee. She complains Pim changed since he is meeting Chaninee. Yot announces she is pregnant since 2 months. She wishes to die! Pim goes to Pattaya beach to relax and meets Chaninee by accident there. Yot follows him there in order to know the truth. Yot keeps reminding Pim about the favors and help (ท่วมบุญคุณ) she gave him. Finally Pim accepts to marry her in order that the child has a father. Yot remains very jealous. The baby is born. Yot complains she is not happy despite performing her wife’s duties (ทำหน้าที่ให้ดีที่สุด) as good as she can. Jaem recommends Yot to give him some freedom and she keeps complaining that Pim has to kindness towards her (ไม่รู้จักบุญคุณ). Jaem is now with an older man with 4 kids. She claims it is better for a woman to marry an older man than a younger man. Fed up and following arguments with Yot, Pim quits the house. Pim announces he loves Chaninee but as respect for Yot, he will not quit her. Jaem and Chalat bring Yot out. Seeing Chaninee, Yot argues with her but Chaninee claims she didn't see Pim since his wedding. Yot shoots Chaninee but hopefully Chalat is here to stop her. Chalat promises to take care of Yot so that both couples can have happiness.

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