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Year: 2007

Thai title: เมืองเหงาซ่อนรัก
English title: Wonderful town

Rating: 4/5
Director: Aditya Assarat

Main actor:
Main actress:

Ton, a Bangkok guy, arrives in a small Thai southern city and takes a room in a basic hotel. The hotel receptionist is Na. She is idle the whole day as there are no customers. The hotel is empty. Ton is working on a resort construction work close to sea. Near the resort there is an empty resort in quite bad condition. It looks like people left abruptly. He prefers to stay in the cheaper hotel far from the resort. His coworkers are surprised that a Bangkokian can stay in a such tranquil city. Na seems to like him. Ton likes quiet place (เงียบดี). Na is still single and takes care of a relative’s child. Ton needs to go back to Bangkok and to Na's surprise, he comes back.He doesn’t like Bangkok (รถติด, คนเยอะ). Ton is still single. A romance starts between Na and Ton. Na’s hotel was the biggest in town before people start going to seaside. For elders, living on hills was better due to deadly typhoon many decades ago. People in the small city start to gossip (นินทา) about Ton and Na relationship. Following the 2004 deadly tsunami, the city has lost all its tourists. One morning Ton's car is smashed. Some bikers try to intimidate Ton. Na starts to feel bad. She knows her brother is involved. Na is running the hotel with her brother but he is quite lazy. He does not dare to go back to seaside since the tragic 2004 tsunami. Nobody seems to have happiness in this city since the tsunami. Why Ton and Na should have happiness? One morning, after having spent the night with Na, Ton is kidnapped, hit and killed by the local bikers. Na was right to say Bangkok people never come back for her. This movie, which is not a main stream release, has received a few awards outside Thailand, i.e. at Hong Kong film festival, at the Pusan International Film Festival, at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and at the Deauville Asian Film Festival. It is slow pace movie. It is slow and quiet like this wonderful remote city.

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