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เรื่องรัก น้อยนิด มหาศาล
เรื่องรัก น้อยนิด มหาศาล

Year: 2003

Thai title: เรื่องรัก น้อยนิด มหาศาล
English title: Last Life in the Universe

Rating: 4/5
Director: Pen-Ek Ratanaruang

Main actor: Asano Tadanobu
Main actress:

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Kenji is a Japanese working in a Bangkok library. He is obsessed by suicide. Noi and Nid are two sisters working in Karaoke for Japanese customers. Wishing to jump from a bridge, Kenji is distracted by a young woman he recognises from the library. This woman, Nid, is hit by a car and killed. Kenji then spends three days with Noi in her home. They start to learn and appreciate each other despite their opposite characters but Noi has to go to Osaka for work. The movie has a slow, dark and bleak pace. It has received many awards (Venice Film Festival, Thailand National Film Association Awards, Bangkok International Film Festival).

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