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Year: 1972

Thai title: คนดิบแดนเถื่อน
English title: The man from Deep River

Rating: 3/5
Director: Umberto Lenzi

Main actor: Pipop Pupinyo,Paen Pleumsachai
Main actress: Me Me Lay

The man from Deep River is an Italian movie shot in Thailand. A young man called Bradley comes to Thailand and visits famous places in Bangkok such as river canals (คลอง), market, Wat Po, Wat Indrawihan. He is interested by primitive tribes living along Thai Burma borders with no contact with outside world. Following arguments during a Thai boxing match, Bradley stabs a Thai man and has to flee. He takes refuge in a village near the River Kwai in western Thailand. He arrives in the village with diving equipment. He is doing everyday trips on the river and taking photographs. One day after having a nap, Bradley wakes up to find his assistant Chan killed. Bradley is then captured by an unknown tribe. This violent tribe is cutting prisoners’ tongue. Maria is the beautiful daughter of the local village headman. Bradley is seen as strange white fish by the villagers (เป็นมนุษย์). They use him to catch fishes and turtles as he knows how to swim. Maria likes him a lot and this causes jealousy from other tribe members who prepare some poisoned arrows. He tries to escape but to no avail. Bradley kills his major opponent in a fierce duel. Animal atrocities, such as fight between mongoose and snake, monkey decapitated and his brain eaten raw, snake cut in half, crocodile killed alive, goat throat slipped, are performed. Bradley is finally accepted as full villager member. He gets a new enemy as he cures a young child that the local shaman couldn't save (ผีเข้า). He finally marries Maria. Some strangers to the village kill one villager and perform cannibal acts. Maria and Bradley escape at nighttime thanks to the grandma They are captured again by the shaman. The grandma is severely punished. Maria pregnancy is painful. As the village is attacked by outsiders they all have to flee. Maria delivers a baby in the jungle but dies just after. Bradley finally stays to reconstruct the village despite having opportunity to leave. The movie is in Italian dubbing but the tribe is speaking Thai in the movie. Maria is not a Thai woman as her Thai pronouncing is not accurate. She is famous Burmese English actress Me Me Lay from decade 1970s. A few known Thai actors are performing such as Sulallewan Suxantat and Pipop Pupinyo. This movie is the first opus of other cannibal movies in 1970s-1980s. This movie is first entry in Italian Cannibal horror film.

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