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8E88 แฟนลั้ลลา
8E88 แฟนลั้ลลา

Year: 2010

Thai title: 8E88 แฟนลั้ลลา
English title: 8E88 Fan Lalla

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Note Chernyim,Jaturong Mokjok
Main actress:

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Busaba and Khun are preparing their wedding. Following a misunderstanding, Khun is accused of killing a member of Parliament. He is given a DVD by this member of Parliament before his death. The DVD is hidden inside the cover of Thai movie "แอบคนข้างบ้าน". Khun is sent to jail. Some ruffians try to force him to give back the DVD but to no avail. There is a comical representation of the jail environment. He is sent with his inmates to famous and harsh prison called 8E88. There are some references to famous Thai carceral movie "ขั้ง 8" (Butterfly grey). The ruffians threaten his fiancee so Khun has no choice but escape from 8E88 prison in order to help her. He succeeds to do so as the guardians are very lenient as they receive orders to let him go. It is a trick from the ruffians leader in order to exchange the DVD versus Khun's girlfriend. All classical Thai comic topics are here, i.e. lady boy, flatulence, police being fools, ghosts... Busaba is hurt by the ruffians and dies. Busaba ghost still wishes to help her fiance Khun. Khun searches for the DVD inside a DVD rental company's stock. The ruffians arrive at the DVD company. The police follows up. Khun cannot see his girlfriend Busaba (ตายแล้ว) as he has an amulet (ของ) around the neck. Busaba tries to protect Khun against the ruffians. Thanks to a video recording Khun demonstrates his innocence as the DVD contains proofs regarding the illegal activities of the ruffians leader. Khun forces the police to shoot him so that he can be with Busaba in the ghost world. Busaba finally wakes up so Khun made the wrong decision to die!

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