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Year: 1985

Thai title: จับตาย
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Ron Rittichai
Main actress:

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Some prisoners (นักโทษ) are used by Rangers police to cut trees in the forest. Porn (Sorapong Chatree) is a quiet prisoner (ครับนาย). Some of the rangers are good men but some are bad guys eager to shoot prisoners when they flee or force them to overwork. Porn is well appreciated by the Rangers police leader as he is always helpful and calm. Krasit, one of the Rangers police, doesn't like Porn as he is too soft. Kasit is spreading rumours of homosexuality (กะเทย) about the two men. Porn is said to have a beautiful girlfriend called Wan in the neighbouring village so Kasit wants to know more. Porn lies to his mother and his girlfriend about his prisoner status. He claims he is still a worker (พนักงาน). Krasit succeeds to steal Porn's girlfriend by telling the truth to Wan's mother. The Rangers police leader is nice and believes in prisoners' redemption so he is giving a lot of autonomy to Porn in the forest. Porn cannot stand Wan's decision (ไม่ทำใจ) and wishes to try to convince her a last time. In one year he shall be released. He is not a criminal (ผู้ร้าย) but Wan's mother forces her daughter to meet Krasit as she is not happy that Porn is a prisoner. Porn was coming from Mae Hong Son and was mistakenly trapped in a brawl. Krasit and Porn fight each other and Porn has no choice than fleeing. Wan cannot follow up. The Rangers police starts to chase Porn in the jungle. Porn has an arm injury as Krasit shots him and then he falls from a cliff. Kasit wants to catch him and kill him (จับตาย). Porn gets refuge with Wan and they flee together. The Rangers police leader cannot help anymore despite Wan's request. Mlabri people (known locally as Phi Tong Luang - ผีตองเหลือง - or "spirits of the yellow leaves") help Wan to go deep inside the forest. The Rangers police follows Wan to know where Porn is hidden. Deadly fights happen in the forest between the Mlabri people and the bad policemen. Krasit dies. Porn finally disguises his death by putting his clothes on a dead body disfigured due to disease.

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