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Year: 1982

Thai title: อีสาวทรหด
English title: Angels with Golden Guns

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Kraison Saenganan
Main actress: Piyamas Monayakol,Penpak Sirikul

Angels with Golden Guns / Virgin Apocalypse is a IFD movie released in year 1981 and based on a Thai movie named อีสาวทรหด released in year 1982. The DVD lasts 1h22mn. It is HK Thai co production. Two versions were released, i.e. one for Thailand with actor Kraison Saenganan and one for Hong Kong with a Chinese actor. The HK version was released in Thailand under the name สวยประหาร ผ่าดงปืน. It seems that the original Thai version was never released on VHS, VCD or DVD in Thailand. A group of women tries to flee but they are caught back, tortured and some left as dead. They are forced to prostitution to bring money to the local mafia. Two fake film producers are looking for models in nightclub then a group of girls is kidnapped during a shooting session. A policeman tries to get the truth from the fake movie producer but gets captured. Among the girls, there are Piyamas Monayakol and Penpak Sirikul. Fighting happens at night time between two groups of girls. They are punished. But finally they try to escape again but get captured back through some shooting sequences over the river Kwai bridge. The rebellion leaders get caught and threatened. Two groups of ladies keep fighting. Used and abused, they must unite to fight. Rebellion happens and many dead happen on both sides as Piyamas and Penpak succeed to get M16 rifles. Their goal is now to catch the big boss. They kill his sbires one by one to reach him. The three ladies work with the cop to catch him.

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