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Year: 2012

Thai title: วันที่รัก
English title: Together

Rating: 4/5
Director: ษรัณยู จิราลักษณ์

Main actor:
Main actress: Ubolratana

Thai movie วันที่รัก - Together was released in year 2012 and lasts 1h52mn. Movie director is ษรัณยู จิราลักษณ์. Movie is about love, death through the butterfly symbol, crossed lives, good and bad memories. Thai princess Ubolratana is acting as character Oon. Oon's father is sick and forgets everything. He has Alzheimer's disease (โรคขี้ลืม). The family has to get used to this new life. Niphon (สหรัถ สังคปรีชา) is married to Oon. Another family has the father Chat becoming blind. The daughter is deaf already. The family has to get used to this new life also. Chat would like to divorce to allow his wife Nuan to have a happier life, but she refuses. Nuan meets Niphon. Nuan and Niphon, while being students, loved each other and had a child. It stressed their relationship. An uncle, Oon's father, helps the two youngsters. The two youngsters finally broke up. Nuan and Niphon meet again ten years later. They consider restarting their relationship, but time has passed and they have many family responsibilities so it is just impossible. Nuan finally is back with her husband Chat. Oon’s stepfather abandoned her on the road when she was 6 years old. So she is doing the same now as a revenge. Finally, Oon takes her father back from the road.

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