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Year: 1986

Thai title: แด่คุณครูด้วยดวงใจ
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Prompong Nopparith,Phairoj Jaising,Sor Asanajinda
Main actress: Jarunee Sooksawad

This movie is divided into two parts, a first comic part when Thewan, a student, in order to seduce Nuanchan acts like a company owner. But he is only the company owner's car driver! Finally Nuanchan finds out the truth. The second part is more dramatic when Nuanchan decides to become a teacher in a remote Thai village. She succeeds to find money to have a big school built. She even convinces older people to learn how to read to reduce illiteracy. Due to a sudden cancer detection, she has to handover the job to Thewan. She has to leave her job as school teacher to go abroad for treatment so causing despair and cries from the village inhabitants who love her so much. This film highlights the importance of literacy at all ages.

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