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Year: 1985

Thai title: กว่าจะถึงวันนั้น
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Porjed Kaenpetch
Main actress: Piathip Kumwong

Ploeun (Piathip Kumwong) is a domestic helper in Chat's house. She has a baby but her husband is currently in prison. The owner of the house, while his wife and kids are away, try to abuse Ploeun. While protecting herself, Chat is stabbed accidentally. Ploeun gives the baby to a temple abbot who renames the baby as Pol. Ploeun surrenders to the police (มอบตัว). Ploeun is sent to jail for ten years. The abbot finally gives Pol to a couple unable to have children as he worries about the child's future if it stays in the Buddhist temple. The couple has finally a daughter called Ann and the secret about Pol’s birth is kept. Bad influence (อิทธิพล) is everywhere even inside the prison. Ploeun is condemned to 10 more years in prison following a tragic conflict with another nasty inmate. Pol and Ann are now grown up adults. Ann is fond of a pub singer called Sak. Famous song “กว่าจะถึงวันนั้น” (When that day will happen) is featured. Finally Ploeun exits from prison. The abbot is dead already but she succeeds to find her son. She doesn't dare to tell him the truth in order to avoid damaging his future. She finds a job as domestic helper in the parents' home. She over takes care about Pol so raising concerns by the main house supervisor. Pol is having trouble with his sister as she keeps seeing the singer. He even slaps her to stop this relationship. Exceeded the main house supervisor reveals to Ann that Pol isn't her real brother (ปากเสีย / ปากหมา). Ploeun is ready to stab the house supervisor to protect her son's future. Finally hearing a conversation, Pol knows the truth. Unsure about his future, he starts to work on a construction site (ฝึก). The singer Sak asks 300 000 baht to Ann for a business. Ann believe they will marry (เป็นเขย). As her mother is not so willing, Ann empties her bank account and put her jewels in a pawnshop. Sak loves nobody except money. Finally as Sak is unfaithful with Ann, arguments happens. As Pol is looking for his sister, he arrives at the peak of the arguments. Gun is used. Sak is found dead. Pol is arrested by the police and his step parents reject him arguing it was a waste to have educated him as the blood from his real mother was anyway stronger. In prison, Pol is aware who is his real mother (รับกรรม). During the trial, Ann finally reveals that she is the one who shot the singer. Knowing she was in danger, knowing that the singer made a sex video tape to blackmail her, the tribunal gives a light sentence. Moral of the movie is that good behavior is not always linked to birth circumstances as the birth state doesn't preclude if people will be good or bad. Movie “กว่าจะถึงวันนั้น” was released in year 1985. It is a movie coming from TV Channel 9 through a digital recording but as usual some dialogues are censored by a blank when actors are using strong words.

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