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Year: 1985

Thai title: สองพี่น้อง
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Amphol Lumpoon,Chana Sriubon
Main actress: Mayurachath Muarnprasitivej,Pissamai Wilaisak,Jintara Sookkapat

Ken's mother left early when he was a baby as she has a mysterious decease. Even the father doesn't know the real reason. The father marries again and has another boy called Ann (Amphol Lumpoon). Growing up, there is always animosity between Ann and Ken. Ann believes their father loves Ken much more than him. Having hot and bad temper, it creates jealously up to the point Ann hits Ken. Willing to clarify with Ann, the father chases him and has a serious car accident. He is disabled. A friend doctor sends his fresh graduate daughter Bin Kaew (Jintara Sookkapat) to help for his recovery. The father is the head of a big farm. Being disabled, the intendant Tiu needs to replace him. The father is strong and strict with his son Ann. The father does not forgive his son's past mistakes. One brother is doing everything good. One brother is doing everything bad. Ken has difficulty to live without knowing why his mother left many years ago. A love story starts between Ann and Bin Kaew. Ann discovers that every month Tiu is going in a remote area in the mountains. Puzzled, he follows secretly Tiu and finds he brings food to a lady. This lady is Ken's mother. She has leprosy disease so hides her-self since 20 years. She is ashamed and doesn't want anybody to know she is still alive. Thinking doing good, Ann brings Ken to see his mother. Ken has still in mind his beautiful mother picture. He cannot stand the vision of his mother aged and disfigured by the leprosy. He flees away. Nobody knows where he is. A few days later, he decides to go to see his mother again but she has commited suicide already disappointed by her son rejection. Ann and Bin Kaew finds Ken on top of the mountain trying to suicide. Unfortunately despite Ann's desperate efforts, Ken falls from the cliff and dies. Ann brings Ken's body to his father and this one has an hemorrhage in the brain. On his bed, before dying, he forgives to his son Ann so that Ann can move forward in his life and not be eaten by remorses.

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