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Year: 1983

Thai title: สงครามปาก
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: Permpol Choei-arun

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Lor Tok,Nirut Sirijanya,Der Doksadao
Main actress: Piyamas Monayakol,Wiyada Umarin,Pornpan Ketmamatsu

Atawut is working in governement as speaker. He is married to Pim and they have a young son. He has also a mistress called Nat. He claims buying hot fresh food to his wife when coming back late but the driver just heats it up on the car engine! His wife, Pim, starts to be aware. A lawyer, who loves Nat, is waiting that Nat is fed up flirting with a married man. Atawut is coming from Isan area, Northeast of Thailand. He wants to participate to local elections in the "People" party (พรรคประชาชน). He wears blue-cotton farmer clothes (มอฮ่อม) during his meetings. Pim, his wife, comes from a high society family but he is coming from a poor Isan family. He wins because his wife gives away money so that he can get popular. She couldn't allow her family name to be tarnished in case of defeat. Atawut cannot bear it, gets drunk and goes with Nat. But he is lying to his mistress also. He is a womaniser up to the point local newspapers publish a picture of him and a local cinema star. Meanwhile Pim's younger sister, Pamela, comes back from America. Fed up by Nat and Pim, Atawut takes a break and goes to Chiang Mai. There he meets Pamela visiting Chiang Mai also. Nat announces it to Pim and its circle (สังคมผู้ดี). She is insulted as a pandering lady (นางบำรุง). Pim looses face and decides to divorce. Atawut asks her to think twice in order to protect his representative title invoking that having mistress is common issue in Thailand. But this is not acceptable for women! As he sees his wife eating with another man (in fact for business purpose), Atawut loses temper. He uses a gun and injures Pim. The trial starts. The man who loves Nat is Atawut's lawyer. Atawut misses his family. He stays humble and simple. He finds an old Isan friend selling Thai coffee (โอเลี้ยง). His friend is not unfaithful. Atawut is rich but not happy. His friend is poor but happy. Atawut will loose child and everything due to his bad behavior. Parents of both sides try to corrupt the judge by offering gifts but despite living in small house, he refuses. Trial is over and the child shall stay in custody with the mother. Finally both side misses each other so much and for the good sake of the young son go back together for an happy ending. This movie raises many 1980s society issues, i.e. men able to cheat wives as a common society issue, corruption in elections, corruption in justice, divorce in high society, men vs women behavior.

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