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Year: 1978

Thai title: น้ำค้างหยดเดียว
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Nit Alisa

Movie น้ำค้างหยดเดียว (1978) starts with a depiction of Bangkok daily life with street children selling newspapers to drivers, traffic jams, bus over packed, people rushing to office. Prang, 24 years old young lady, has the bad news she has been dismissed. Ton, her 7 years young boy, is not going to school and is selling newspapers (Daily news, Thai Rath). His father Plot is handicapped and cannot walk anymore. He decides to cut his veins (อยู่ไปก็ไม่มีประโยชน์). Ton arrives on time. Private hospital refuses to take him as he has no money. Hopefully it is still on time in overcrowded public hospital. Prang wishes her son to stop selling newspapers as she is worried he could be hurt by a car. She finds a job selling insurance (ประกัน) but needs to give her body away too to finalize contracts. She has difficulties to find a job as she didn't study high. The doctor also tries to have favours from Prang. As Prang needs to pay doctor bills, she has no choice but going to pawn shop (โรงรับจำนำ) managed by a Chinese owner. Unfortunately a robber steals the gold necklace Prang wanted to pawn. The police is too slow and useless to help. The factory owner refuses to take any responsibility in the accident that caused the father to become handicapped. Having no job, having no money, she finally accepts the doctors advances. What is the meaning of life (ชีวิตคืออะไร)? Fight (การต่อสู้)? Pay for karma (กรรม)? She has to trade her body against free medicine and feels guilty. The doctor recommends her for a work in a private VIP club. One of the club customers, Khun Kleup, proposes her to become a singer and renamed her as Nam Kang Diaw (น้ำค้างหยดเดียว). Prang surprises her son still selling newspapers. Her wrath disappears when she understands that Ton wants to buy a wheelchair for his father. The father tries hard to walk again. Khun Kleup brings back a bird to Prang and visits her home meeting her husband and son. Jealousy and doubt happen on the husband side. Doubt also happens on Prang's side. Will her husband ever recover? Prang rejects Kleup’s advances. This causes Kleup's ire. As he is driving too fast, he collides with a motorbike. Kleup and Prang need to spend part of the night at police station. As Prang gets home very late, both Ton and the husband Plot believe she spent the night with Kleup. The movie ends tragically. Plot jumps to death from the building. Ton gets suicide believing his mother is responsible of his father's death. Prang's life is wracked. This is a powerful social drama from decade 1970s showing how poverty can destroy people life. In opposition to many social dramas, the man, Plot, is here the weak character and the woman, Prang, is the strong character.

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