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Year: 1978

Thai title: บุษบาก๋ากั่น
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sayan Chantaraviboon,Lak Apichat,Juk Mahachai,Pinyo Parnnui,Chat Mongkolchai
Main actress: Naowarat Yooktanun

Young lady Thep is witness of a robbing and murder of a businessman. Two ruffians fail to silence her as she is able to fight back. By trying to help, she finds herself accused of the murder. She is living with her sick mother. Nathuan, the stepfather, is a lazy man, who only drinks alcohol, plays card and despises Thep. Thep has to flee from her home to avoid being captured by the police. She finds refuge in a slum community. She is welcomed in a group of youngsters selling newspapers. They name her Suey (สวย - beautiful). She accepts to be the elder (พี่) and take care about the younger (น้อง). One of the ruffians, Pen, has a sick mother also. They planned to rob the businessman money as his girlfriend Orathai told them he should withdraw 500 000 Baht on that day. Only 5 000 baht were found but newspapers announces that 10 millions have disappeared. They believe money is with Thep so look for her in Bangkok. Her new friends kindly ((น้ำใจ) give their money to cure her mother. She has to flee the ruffians and take refuge in a fashion designer shop. The businessman was finally only injured. He lied about the money to cause trouble inside ruffians team. His son, Phetchaboon, doesn't like his new step mother. He is right as she is involved in the robbing tentative. The son Phetchaboon chases Suey as he wants to catch those who tried to kill his father. There is a fire in the slum. Their home is burnt. Phetchaboon welcomes the group in his home and also accepts Suey's mother. While going to the slum to fetch her mother back home, there is a fight with Nathuan and the mother is killed. Meanwhile Suey’s friends are kidnapped by the ruffians. Pen refuses to join a jewelry robbery. Pen is confused as he needs money to cure his mother but promised to her to be a good man. The ruffians leader Pralit kills his mother as a revenge. Suey recognizes Pen in the street. She catches him with Petchaboon. He tells them where her friends are held prisoners. Suey releases him as he has become a good man but it is too late for his mum. During a feast organized by the businessman, the ruffians open the safe. Aware of the plan, Suey, Petchaboon, Pen and the friends stop them from escaping. Orathai is dismissed and Pen takes revenge over Pralit regarding his mother murder. The movie ends with many happy weddings. The main actor is Juk Mahachai (จักร มหาชัย), who seems to have had a short cinematographic career in 1970s.

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