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Year: 1978

Thai title: เมืองในหมอก
English title: A Town in Fog

Rating: 5/5
Director: Permpol Choei-arun

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree
Main actress:

A young woman, Fong, is taking care of a small misty hotel in the countryside with her mother. It is Thailand rural area with buffalo carts. Fong is handicapped and cannot walk properly. Her mother with the help of a domestic helper drugs and kills the customers to steal their belongings. Fong feels very guilty (เราไม่บาป). The parents had a son, Siaw, also but he left home many years ago following a conflict with his father. As robbers stole their savings, the family needs to continue their sins. The new victim is a medicine salesman. They put poison in his drink, then rob his money, throw the body in a canal and burn his belongings. Fon recalls the day when the robbers attacked the hotel. They were crazy and violent similar to the movie “A Clockwork Orange”. The father was shot and killed. Fon was gang raped and the mother was hurt. Fon is handicapped since that day. They have paid for their sins. But where is the son? Right now Siaw is a successful engineer working in aeronautics. The mother wishes to stop but the daughter is willing to continue as her dream is to see the sea so they need more money. They have arguments but Fong is now used to it (ชินแล้ว). Meanwhile the son, enjoying seaside, wishes to go back home after 20 years to see his family. The son has decided to go back to see his mother but will not tell his real identity first (จะเล่นละครกับแม่). Seven bodies have been found recently around the village. The local marshal has no clue. Fong is always afraid of three local women, who participate in cursing rituals as only evil can kill so many people. A modern couple comes to the hotel. Fong is jealous of the girl. At nighttime the couple is drugged but only the man drank tea. Realizing their mistake, the cruel family needs to kill the young lady but she resists. A tragic chase happens in local Khmer temple ruins. The lady is finally killed by wild dogs. Siaw, the son, and his girlfriend arrive in the small city. As his girlfriend is sick, Siaw finally goes alone to the remote hotel. Having left his home so long ago he doesn't dare saying who he is. Still under the failure of the previous killing, the family doesn't want any other customers but he makes the mistake to show that he has a lot of money. He wants to be friendly (กันเอง) with the family. There is an impressive actor performance from Sorapong Chatree playing the son. At nighttime they give him the deadly tea and throw his body in the local river. Meanwhile the young lady is not dead and reaches the small town. She warns the sheriff. When keeping the dead’s belongings and his ID card, the mother realizes he was Siaw, her son. Saddened, she eats the same drug and throws herself in the river. The sheriff comes to arrest them but it is too late. Muang Nai Mok movie, directed by Permpol Choei-arun, is adapted from Jean Paul Sartre's play. There are reminiscences of Western spaghetti scenes atmosphere.

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