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Year: 1976

Thai title: แผ่นดินของเรา
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: Sor Asanajinda

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Sor Asanajinda,Nirut Sirijanya,Phirapon Piyawan
Main actress: Naowarat Yooktanun,Naiyana Shewanan

แผ่นดินของเรา is the movie introducing famous Thai actress, Naowarat Yooktanun, for the first time. Sor Asanajinda, Thai national artist, is the movie director and also actor. A father comes to rest in a house close to sea with his three grown up daughters, Yai (อัจฉรา) the elder, Eung and Pak (ภัคคินี), the youngest. Tamlong (ธำรง), is the one who has transformed this hostile land into an oasis due to his hard work. Pak is the youngest daughter and always dares doing things. All the three girls are impressed by Tamlong's strong personality. During a boar chase, Tamlong saves Pak's life but is injured at the leg. During his recovery at Pak's parents home, Pak and Tamlong declare their love to each other. Tamlong is twice older than Pak (ผู้ชายแก่ๆ). Wedding takes place. Pak marries before her elder sister Yai so Yai is quite upset as according to Thai traditions, she should have married first. Yai is still waiting for her fiance Narin (นเรนท์) to go come back from his studies in France. Pak and Tamlong settle on their new land (แผ่นดินของเรา). Finally Narin and Pak meet. Both of them are hot temper (คนผีทะเล). Yai is too old style (โบราณ), too traditional for Narin. He is fond of Pak. He gets fun of Pak having married an older man. While wandering in their domain, Pak is bitten by a snake but Narin helps her on time. Love feelings start between both of them. Narin becomes jealous of Tamlong and considers stopping his engagement with Yai. Finally Yai accepts Narin advances knowing he is hot temper. Being forced by his parents, Narin shall finally marry Yai next month but it is not a love wedding. Yai is too reserved for Narin. Narin is modern as he studied abroad so he doesn't like Thai traditional stuff anymore and wants external signs of love similar to western behavior. Finally Narin and Pak start an affair as Pak is convinced by Narin's true love. But Pak doesn't dare to leave Tamlong for Narin and is worried to hurt her sister Yai. Tamlong knows something has changed. Pak is challenged by Narin about her real feelings. On the wedding day, Pak and Narin disappear and send a letter to Yai and Tamlong to explain their decision. While fleeing on a boat, Narin and Pak are robbed by ruffians so they run out of money already. Pak discovers harsh life with Narin as he is not a good lawyer and being addicted to alcohol also. They live in a slum. Pak needs to become a street vendor (แม่ค้า). Yai is pregnant with Narin so she feels ashamed. Yai takes refuge in Tamlong's home to hide her pregnancy to her parents. Pak discovers that Narin has a mistress. A night he is out, a fire burns the slum. They lose everything. As Narin is sick, Pak needs to prostitute herself. Tamlong finally finds Pak and asks her to come back to their land. Pak cannot leave Narin as he is sick (ไข้ป่า) and she still loves him. She values Tamlong’s kindness (ความดี, น้ำใจ), who forgives her and gives her money. Narin is sent to jail following a robbery. He refuses to see her again trying to push her to get a new life. Pak finally goes back to Tamlong's land to die there due to severe sickness. This 1976 movie highlights society conflicts between modern and traditional patterns.

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