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Year: 1974

Thai title: ชายผ้าเหลือง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Yodchai Meksuwan
Main actress: Wandee Sritrang,Metta Roongrat,Ratanaporn Intarakamhaeng

Thong and Boon Yen have two boys, called Phet and Ploy. Phet is the elder. Robbers, lead by Yoi, kill Thong when raiding his house. Twenty years later, following her mother's wish to see him in yellow robes (ชายผ้าเหลือง) as a monk, Phet goes to Bangkok with his uncle to buy materials. Every Thai mother expects his son to become a monk before being married. It bring many Buddhist good deeds to the parents. Meanwhile robbers, lead by Yoi, injure Ploy when raiding the family house. Phet, discovering that Yoi killed his father and injured his brother, shoots him and then becomes an outlaw. Yot, Yoi's son, uses Phet's name to commit more burglaries. Phet's mother convinces Phet to surrender to the district officer. Yot and his robbers team fires at Phet's team and at the district officer so bringing a misunderstanding between Phet and the officer. if nobody can let Phet becomes good, he will then be an outlaw forever. His mother is disappointed by his behavior, saying it was not worth to educate him for becoming an outlaw and that feeding milk to him (ค่าน้ำนม) was a waste. Ploy is preparing to become a monk. Phet finally catches Yot and brings him to the district officer. Phet refuses to stop being an outlaw and grabs a girl to live with him. His mother shoots at him. Before dying, Phet and his mother confirm their filial love and Phet can grab Ploy's yellow robe as his brother has become a monk.

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