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Year: 1961

Thai title: เรือนแพ
English title: Houseboat

Rating: 5/5
Director: Neramit

Main actor: Sor Asanajinda,Chaiya Suriyun,Jin Fong,Preuhat Boonlong,Jamroon Nuatjim
Main actress:

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Four friends are living together, 3 men and one woman, Pen (เพ็ญ). They rent an old boat from Pen’s father and repair into a boat house to live on it (เรือนแพ). Kaew (แก้ว) wishes to become a Thai boxing champion (นักมวย). Lin (รินทร์) wishes to become singer and songs compositor. Chen (เจน) wishes to finish first grade his studies and become a policeman. Pen is the lady. All three friends secretly love Pen. Many songs are featured in the movie. Kaew wishes to participate to real Thai boxing competition instead of only doing trainings. He is very hot temper. A local ruffian head, Ekarat, finds a fight for him and he wins. A song master hears Lin's beautiful voice and wishes to recruit him. A thunderstorm wrecks their home and they nearly escape to death. Kaew saves Pen from drowning so winning her heart and love (หนูเป็นของเขาแล้ว). Kaew wants to win big money to take care about Pen but he needs to do illegal things such as losing a match. He refuses to do so causing Ekarat's ire. He meets another Lopburi influant man. He gives 40 000 baht for his wedding with Pen. On the way to Chiang Mai for the wedding, Kaew discovers that Pen's father is preparing the wedding with somebody else! Upset he disturbs the ceremony and shots the groom. He has to flee and becomes an outlaw (ผู้ร้าย). The four friends have gone different paths (ตามดวง). Kaew gets friend with another ruffian. They rob banks and barges together. Chen, who is now a policeman, needs to catch Kaew as it is his duty. He tries to convince him to surrender but no to avail as Kaew is afraid to go twenty years in jail. Kaew and Pen still meet together. Pen wishes Kaew to stop robbing (หยุดปล้น). Even if Kaew wishes to stop, his ruffians friends discourage him saying no woman will wait for him so long in jail. On top of this they are still chased by the police so no time to rest and think. During a singing performance, Lin is shot and killed by one of the ruffians. Kaew cannot help on time. Chen believes Kaew is the one who shot Lin. They all meet on their format boat house. Kaew accepts to surrender but other ruffians shot him and Chen. The movie ends tragically, Kaew dying while sending the boat on the ruffian to smash him. Only Pen survives. The friendly happiness is no more. เรือนแพ is the first officially restored Thai movie by USA in years 2006-2007. It is a 50 years old movie and the VCD from “Phanmitr" (พันธมิตร) collection company includes a copy in very good condition. It was the first Thai movie in 35mm with songs and not dubbing like 16mm movies. Even the Thai King went to watch the movie in 1961! Chaiya Suriyun was the first star to win three consecutive Thai oscars (รางวัลตุ๊กตาทอง) in years 1962-1964. His first Thai oscar was thanks to this movie “เรือนแพ”. The movie got 3 oscars (best actor, best supporting actor, best movie). It was adapted many times as Thai TV series and another time for cinema in 1989 with Santisuk Promsiri.

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