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Year: 1967

Thai title: ไทรโศก
English title:

Rating: 5/5
Director: Wichit Khunawut

Main actor: Mitr Chaibancha,Adul Dulyarat,Adinan Singhiran,Choomporn Theppitak
Main actress: Boosara Narumit,Namgneun Boonnak,Marasri Bangchang,Sopha Sataporn

Thai movie ไทรโศก was released in year 1967. It is directed by Wichit Khunawut. It lasts 2h06mn. Yen (Boosara Narumit) is being raised since childhood by a stepfather but was never officially adopted. Bai (Mitr Chaibancha) is a dumb and a bit retarded adult (เด็กวัด) accompanying the monk during morning alms. Kitty (Adul Dulyarat) is the real son. Adinan Singhiran is helping for everything in Thorasok domain. The father is sick. Urai (Namgneun Boonnak) is pregnant with Kitty. Usa (Marasri Bangchang) is Urai's mother. Bai is named as ผีทะเล. Kitty is always upset with Yen. The father finally dies and the testament is opened. It is a shock for the family to learn that no money is given to Kitty if he doesn't marry Yen and have a child with her! The mother and Urai are upset. The mother prepares the wedding of Yen and Kitty to follow the testament. But it is a forged plan. They drunk Bai so that Bai enters in Yen's bedroom at nighttime. Yen becomes pregnant. Kitty goes to live with Urai in Bangkok. A child is born from Yen. The mother names it as Ying Yong and takes it to Bangkok to raise it. Meanwhile on countryside, some ruffians shot a couple and a baby is left behind. Yen decides to adopt and raise the baby. Many years have passed. Kittikorn, son of Urai and Kitty, tries to seduce Dao (Sopha Sataporn), Yong Yot’s daughter. Ying Yong (also played by Mitr Chaibancha) is younger brother (น้อง) of Kittikorn. Kittikorn is insolent (ทะลึ่ง) and lazy. The daughter of Yen, called Srai Gnam (รักชนก จินดาวรรณ), is now a doctor. The man who killed the two parents many years ago is now released from jail. His son is Thep (Choomporn Theppitak). He spent 20 years in jail. He wishes to get revenge over Yong Yot who sent him to jail. Dao sees that Srai Gnam is wearing same pendant as her. Ying Yong and Dao are close together so Kittikorn realises he has no chance with Dao so his parents think about Srai Gnam who is a doctor. Thep befriends with Kittikorn. Ying Yong meets Bai but doesn't realize Bai is his father. Kitty wishes his son Kittikorn to marry the daughter of Yen. Yen refuses. Kitty loses his nerves so hits both Yen and Ngam Sai. Before Ying Yong can do anything, Bai intervenes and punches violently Kitty. Kitty becomes half paralyzed due his fall. Ngam Sai as doctor treats him. Ying Yong realises the kindness of Ngam Sai. The grandmother now wants to have Ying Yong to marry Ngam Sai. Urai cannot support this and tells the truth about Ying Yong to her son Kittikorn. She then quits Kitty and goes back to Bangkok. With the help of Kittikorn and Thep, the ruffians wish to storm Thorasok domain and gets the 200 000 baht stored there. Kittikorn wants them to kill Ying Yong also. Kittkorn hits Dao (หลานสาว Yong Yot) and kidnaps her. Meanwhile ruffians attack the house at nighttime (ถูกปล้น). Bai is killed by Kittikorn (ชาติชั่ว). Kitty is shot during the fighting and discloses the truth to Ying Yong before dying. Ngam Sai is identified as second daughter of Yong Yot. As it turns badly, Kittikorn escapes and wishes to flee with Dao. Dao shots Kittikorn and becomes crazy. Peace can finally happens in Srai Sok domain. Some mute sequences lasting 16 minutes haven't been released on the DVD. Maybe because the dubbing was missing for those parts? Maybe the VCD and DVD versions had to last the same time? Those sequences show the baby found by Adinan, Kitty having heated discussion with his mother and Adinan, Yen treated as a domestic helper by Kitty and Urai, Bai carrying big jar, Urai and Kitty showing their son to the mother, Kitty and her mother in front of the father’s corpse, Kittikorn punching Ying Yong.

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