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Year: 1965

Thai title: อ้อมอกดิน
English title:

Rating: 5/5

Main actor: Mitr Chaibancha,Lor Tok,Somkuan Krajangsat
Main actress: Petchara Chaowarat,Malee Wetpraseri,Somjit Sapsamruey,Sulaleewan Suwanthat,Chadaporn Wachirapranee

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Thai movie อ้อมอกดิน was released in year 1965. The DVD lasts 2h12mn. It features a sharp and very colorful image. A father is having financial debts. The father (Somkuan Krajangsat) has three kids (Oum, Ann, Oi) and his wife is sick. The father disappears while trying catching fish in the sea. The mother dies. A debtor claims back his money and seizes the house (บ้านถูกรื้อ). So local teacher (Lor Tok) takes the three children (เด็กกำพร้า) in his house. The teacher's wife uses them as her small slaves. Malee (Malee Wetpraseri) from Bangkok claims she wants to raise children so buys Oum and Ann from the teacher. She in fact uses them as street beggars. They flee and take refuge in a neighbouring house where the owner (Somjit Sapsamruey) and the domestic helper (Sulaleewan Suwanthat) receive them (เมตตา) despite opposition of the husband. The mother also brings the younger daughter to join them. 20 years passed. Oum is Mitr Chaibancha. Petchara Chaowarat is a doctor. Oum is still hoping his real father is alive. Ann likes parties (ไปเที่ยว) and meets bad people such as Krai and Kanya wishing to take advantage of rich people. Oi has a bad mindset and everything shall be due to her (ทำใจ). Oum is the only child working hard and helping the father in his company. The real father is back after 20 years passed in prison. He meets the local teacher. The teacher recommends not to disclose his real identity in order not to destroy the children's happiness. The father still wants to see his children. In Bangkok, while spying the house where the children live, he is mistaken as a beggar and mistreated by his own daughter. Only Oum has kindness for him. The stepfather welcomes him as gardener as he is nowhere to go. Ann is framed by Krai with Kanya in order to force a wedding. Krai and Kanya frames another man, Chai, who is Chadaporn's boyfriend. Chadaporn (Chadaporn Wachirapranee) and Krai are part of the same dishonest group of people. Oi chases her own father as he tries to prevent her seeing Chai. Oum hears the gardener praying so now knows he is his own real father. The real father tells Oum not to disclose his identity. Oum and the doctor shall marry. The doctor's father is the debtor, who took their home twenty years ago. Oum flees during the engagement ceremony. Ann tries to get big amount money from his mother but she refuses as no explanation is given by Ann. So Ann disappears. Oum is still upset and chases the doctor and her brother from his home. He slaps Oi lacking respect to the gardener, her own father. Seeing that issues between his children happen since he hired the gardener uncle Tam, the stepfather fires him. Uncle Tam helps Oi aggressed by Krai. Krai tries to steal money from the doctor's father by involving Ann. Shootings happen and Tam gets injured by protecting the doctor's father. The doctor saves his life. Seeing his children happy with the current family, Tam decides to ordain as a monk.

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