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Year: 1955

Thai title: ทางเปลี่ยว
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

Her parents are divorcing but young girl Anchalee (อัญชลี) has to stay with her father despite her wish to stay with her mother. Anchalee stays with her father and grandmother in a remote area but she really misses her mother. The mother tries to suicide herself as she feels left out but a doctor helps her on time. The mother finally marries again with a businessman and has another child called Wanchai (วันชัย). The mother gets back Anchalee. Wanchai doesn’t get on well with Anchalee but he loves her secretly. Anchalee meets Chai but her mother obstructs to this relation so Anchalee decides to flee with him but then she realizes he is not a good man. They split and Anchalee doesn’t dare to come back to her mother and opts for suicide. She is saved on time. Chai realizing his mistake goes back to Anchalee and they stay together happily. Thai movie “Thang Pliaw” / ทางเปลี่ยว was released in 1955. Only a 9 minutes extract is left but image quality is still very good and colorful. Main actress is ยวงพร พงษ์ประดิษฐ์. The leading actor is วสันต์ สุนทรปักษิณ. As movie director, he got the first Thai cinema award (ตุ๊กตาทอง) in 1957. Thai movie “Thang Pliaw” / ทางเปลี่ยว was a 16mm movie and was the first Thai movie in cinema-scope format (ซีนีม่าสโคป).

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